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rejetting gs500

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by rat man407, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. hi guys
    i'm looking at rejetting my gs500 and droping a k&n filter in it
    just wondering weather anyone know what size of jets to run?

  2. More info required.

    What do you hope to achieve?

    Does it run lean or rich, do you have an aftermarket exhaust, where are you located...

    A lot of a/m filters don't require re-jetting, especially if the bike runs a little rich to begin with.

    You may be able to get ball park values from other owners, but the only way to be 100% sure is to have it dyno tested.
  3. They are horribly lean in stock form....I'll see if I dig out the jets sizes that I used.

    How old is it?
  4. it is a 2011 model atm everthing is stock i live in northen nsw and i know the best way is to get it dyno but A the close dyno is about 200km away and B i'm trying to keep everthing cheap atm
  5. When I had my GS500 with exhaust and twin K&N filters I tried a number of jet combos and finally settled on 20/62.5/147.5. I would suggest with a stock bike 20/62.5/142.5 would be a good starting point. The mid range pull was way stronger than stock.
  6. Have a search on google for GStwin forums.. they have a wiki page, and heaps of info on the forums about just GS500's.

    someone on here sent me there, to see if they had the info i was after.

    really good site, but not many active people but heaps of information that is pretty invaluable.
  7. yeah i been on there a few times but there jet number are more for really cold places
  8. keen to know aswell as its my next point of call,
    stuck progressive springs into mine, just droped a new shock in. can eat much bigger bikes in the twisties.

    I gota say tho the stock syspension should really be uno numero on the gs, once u eliminate the massive front end dive and bad rebound around corners u can actualy keep a solid line on it
  9. looking at dropping a 15T in there 2 anyone know if you have to get the speedo redone or does it self-adjust
  10. i don't know about the gs500 in particular, but as a general rule, if the speedo runs off the gearbox you will need to adjust it, but if it runes off the front wheel (ie with a thick cable running from the wheel to the back of the speedo for an analogue speedo) then you can leave it as is and it will still read correct.
  11. i'm pretty sure that it come from the front wheel will have to check in the morning

  12. front wheel,
    also dropping a tooth is silly,
  13. we don't even have a gear indicator... they're hardly going to put speed sensors in there =D

    If everything goes according to plan, what HP gains do you hope to achieve? I've been riding for 8 weeks now and I'm already bored shitless of my GS500.
  14. ever bit possable i been riding for about 6 months and done 10000km and i'm bored shitless so what ever power i can gain is good
  15. 8 weeks and 6500 k's.. doing the black dog ride in 7 weeks, so theres another 3000...

  16. yeah i know the feeling i was even thinking of dropping a 14t in there but from what i read that might be pushing it to far
  17. so here a little update after talking to my local dealer i have order some jets so there on the way i have also just finished putting on a new rear tire and 15T front sprocket atm because of the new tire i don't want to push it to hard but you can tell with dropping that tooth there is a lot more pull and the rpm increase by about 500 RPM
  18. What jets are you getting?
  19. 20/62.5/142.5 like you suggested