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Reign In Blood!! My New Rockhard Helmet...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Dougz, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. Well today I'm pretty stoked! I'm one of the first people to have bought one of the new Limited Edition Rockhard Helmets (made by KBC) with graphics by one of my my fave bands:

    SLAYER!!! :demon: :woot:

    Sorry about the quality of the shots guys, but I had to use my phone camera. I'll put up some decent shots later. I'm surprised at the quality and the attention to detail they've gone to!

    It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity too. Apparently I have # 247 (??).



  2. I want that helmet! I actually saw one the other day when browsing the MCAS website. Awesome graphics, and SLAYER in big letters with a sick-arse skull. What more could you ask for. Also saw ACDC and some other band, but the Slayer is by far my favorite.

    Great band, too. My bro got me into Slayer, along with some of the older music. I'm a non conformist when it comes to music. None of that emo pop punk music or 50 cent for me. I prefer Slayer, Metallica and heavy metal, some modern alternative rock, and the original punk bands The Clash, and The Ramones. Rage against the machine is one of my favs. For a while in high school I used to just listen to what others listened to, then I realised it was shit music! :LOL:

    So, my brother lent me some CDs of everything from The Beatles to John Lee Hooker to Slayer. I now know why my parents love the old music so much. Except dad, I still don't see why he likes Country and Western??? :?
  3. I SOOOOOO want the KISS Helmet, but Tam would fry me if I got it. No, literally!
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  5. I saw "Reign in Blood" and thought "Slayer" then I saw helmet and thought "Uh, oh...rider down"

    Gimme, gimme, gimme. How much?

    Edit: $349.95
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  7. I was in my local honda dealership yesterday and I almost fell over when I saw the slayer helmets...I am a huge fan and have seen them live twice and have actually met them in person at toombul music in brisbane a few years ago...

    Is the helmet itself actually good??? I now have the hard task of choosing the slayer helmet for $350 or a shoei for $650...the lady in the shop said that the shoei is a much better helmet....but SLAYER!!!...I don't know if I can pass up such an offer...what do you all think??
  8. F@#k i gotta go get one ASAP that is awsome!
    How does it feel is it very light??
  9. Just went and tried one on it's lighter than my old Shoei and fit's really well have to wait untill the wife gives me permission to get one.
    That Hustler looks way better in real than the pics.
  10. Bloody Bogans

    I love it :applause:
  11. i'll take your Bogan and raise you an EX-Bogan :LOL:

    man, I remember when I was a kid I would get around in a black Slayer shirt with skin tight black jean, a flannelette shirt and rossi boots! Top it off with a Mullet (aaaargh!!) and THEN you're talking bogan :LOL:

    Mind you, this was 1990...
  12. It reminds me more of '85...
  13. Both ridiculously overrated. Sure they were influential at the time but punk music has come a long, long way since then (and no I'm not talking about the shit bands big record companies try and pass off as punk).
  14. +1 :WStupid:
  15. A helmet for my favourite album? Awesome!
  16. :WStupid:
  17. So I was like in Helmet House in Perth yesterday and I saw this like totally awesome Kiss helmet dudes and an AC-DC helmet with Angus giving it the full pout from If You Want Blood, so man I was like sooooo stoked and I like completely bounced back to my crib so I could tell the dudes on Netrider all about it.

    Then I used the search function and saw that the breaking news broke "over east" in March. Handy that search function. I might try it a bit more often.

    Still, beautiful graphics and if I was twenty years younger the Kiss Destroyer graphic would really appeal to me.
  18. At your listed 2007 years old does 20 years really make much difference? :LOL: 1987 years/2007 years, you're still an old bugger... :grin:
  19. What model helmet are they? does it say> or is is just a generic KBC?
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