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Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Devery, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. Yesterday my battery went flat on my SR250 whilst riding. I have another regulator for my CZ which I was wondering if I can use so I can test if this is the source of my problem.

    I dont have any information about the SR regulator except it has 5 wires. The CZ also has 5 wires and is 14v 200w.

    Is there going to be any problems here? Do I need a regulator that is exactly the same or are they fairly universal?

    Thank you,
  2. Most bike alternators are three phase units. However, some use permanent magnets and some use a battery fed coil to provide the magnetic field. A basic, small bike like the SR is highly likely to have the permanent magnet type, but it's not certain. I assume that the CZ rec/reg is part of your aftermarket 12V conversion. Certainly, the old mechanical unit that used to deal with the 75 doubtful Watts of the original dynamo will not be suitable.

    Anyway, if your alternator has three wires coming out of the stator and no other electrical connections, it's a 3 phase permanent mag type. If the CZ's alternator is similar, it too will be a 3 phase permanent mag type. In that case, yes, you should be able to swap the rec-regs without problems, although you'll have to work out wiring colours for yourself.
  3. Thanks Patb.

    Oh and yes it is from the new 12v kit.
  4. I'm still stinking from melted plastic from that - last night's - experiment!
  5. So the swap was unsuccessful?
    My factory manual has a test procedure for the regulator, using a multimeter. Different bike of course but it might be of use? Let me know and I'll copy it out.
  6. Never let the smoke out. That is how they work.

    mail it to Pat.
  7. it would seem the swap has fried the regulator... not sure why. I will test it on the CZ and hopefully it just works (totally ridiculous, wont work).

    Looks like I'll be buying two new regulators.

    I have had a suggestion to buy a Honda CB250 super dream/night hawk regulator. Apparently known to work with the SR.

    Any suggestions for acquiring a regulator that will suit the SR? and the CZ for that matter. Both have two wires going to the generator.


    A wiring diagram for you.
  8. The problem must have been in the wiring connections. The bike doesn't behave erratically anymore and the charging systems work 100% with and without lights. Hopefully it will stay this way, if it doesn't I'll have to go over the wiring very carefully. Contact cleaner was very helpful!

    Thanks again everyone for your advice and help. Much appreciated.