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Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by fekkinell, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. I purchased a stator and a regulator/rectifier from this site late last year. Installed them both in the bike in January. (As documented here: https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=128718&highlight=change+stator) The regulator lasted a few weeks so I replaced it with an old one that tested ok, and the stator lasted another few weeks after that.

    So I ordered another stator from them (my mistake). When I saw that the wires were tied in place with string, I should've had my doubts, but no... I installed it anyway. Two weeks later the bike doesn't want to start. Surprise, surprise... the stator is dead.

    So I email the company asking for a refund due to the product(s) being faulty, and I'm told that they 'don't do refunds, but if I send it back to them they'll inspect it and send me a replacement.'

    Right... for another $50 postage they'll 'inspect' it and send me another stator tied together with string. Forget it!

    I cut my losses and bought an OEM stator from Honda. Twice the price, but get this... It produces electricity and isn't tied together with old twine.

    Also be warned that the first stator from RegulatorRectifier.com was sourced from Electrosport and the second came from Ricks Motorsport. I haven't dealt with these companies directly, but according to the packaging that's where the components came from.

    So for inferior products, poor customer service, and quality control that includes attitudes such as 'we've run out of wire and clamps... tie it with string'... choose RegulatorRectifier.com.

    In this image, both of these are failed components. The OEM had been in the bike for a few years, 50,000kms+ and much abuse. The aftermarket had been in the bike for two weeks and the most it went through was commuting. You can see the OEM quality on the left, and the 'meh.. it kinda looks like a stator' quality on the right.

    On the OEM one you can see in the top left where one of the poles has burned out. On the aftermarket, it doesn't look like it has failed, but the insulation has cracked and all three phases were grounding to the case.

    Purchase what you will. This was just my humble experience dealing with this website.

    In summation... *SPIT*.

  2. Interesting report, never had problems with Regulators form RegulatorRectifier.com in the past. Never got a stator from them though.
  3. No good dude!

    Yeah I recently put in a RR from them and it's been okay, but it's not been long so time will tell I guess. Haven't got a stator from them. Probably won't now judging by the look of that.
  4. Never had a problem with many R/R's and stators from them in the past.