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Regular Saturday West Head / Church Point Breakfast Ride

Discussion in 'NSW' started by OneStar, May 19, 2010.

  1. We're organising a regular Saturday morning ride from Brookvale to Sydney's northern beaches. In time we will vary the route but for the first morning we'll ride up to West Head then on to Church Point for some breakfast. Altogether you need to allow about 3 hours.

    I've PM'd a few riders about this but it is open to anyone who wants to join us (including L's and P's). We'll be taking things easy, especially along the National Park roads.

    I know there are a number of northern beaches riders who have shown an interest in joining a regular ride, so here's your chance.

    The meeting point is at McDonalds carpark at the roundabout, corner of Winbourne Road and Mitchell Road (across from Brookvale Oval). We'll meet from 7:45AM (departing at 8AM sharp).

    See the Google Map at the following link:


    The only issue this Saturday might be the weather but if it looks OK we will go. I will post a decision each Saturday at 7AM if we need to cancel.

    It would be great if those who are interested could let us know.

  2. I'm definitely in. Hopefully the weather will stay clear!!
  3. Good to see you getting out there Richard, enjoy it bud
  4. Be aware the toll boths to get to west head will be up and running and they don't let bikes just ride through. Its about $9-11 from memory. Nice bit of road though.
  5. Sounds good to me....but it would be good to make it a little earlier so that we can avoid the park fees
  6. Hey guys,

    Richard and I went last weekend and avoided the park fees. If we are in the gates by 9am (which we will be if we leave at 8am) we wont have to pay...we could look at meeting a little earlier, say 7am?


  7. Probably won't have the bike yet, but will be up for this in coming weeks. Have a good one!
  8. I live on Church Pt, so I'm up at West Head a fair bit.....a couple of the Rangers have a habit of opening up early which has caught me by surprise a few times...
  9. Hey Miraz,
    In that case where did you want to meet if we do it this Saturday...past the gates at the turn off? If we leave around 8am we should be up there around 8:20-8:30?
  10. Well done Richard, good to see that you are still out and about....
  11. I'd be up for something like this, I'm round that area most weekends anyway. Just got to beware of the cyclists :).
  12. Thanks for all the replies everyone. Good to see there is some interest. I have been hitting West Head on the weekends for a few months now and I generally find if I am up at the gates by 9AM it is Ranger-free (says he, touching wood). I am more than happy to start a little earlier but I don't want to lose the interest of those we like to live it up on Friday night! Let's leave it at 8AM sharp departure and change it in the future if needs be.

    If anyone wants to link up with us around West Head or Church Point, let us know when and where and we'll make arrangements.

    I agree with the warning about cyclists in the area. Some tend to hog the road so I encourage everyone to be super careful around them.

    The forecast doesn't look great for Saturday, but let's plan on going at this stage. I only live a few KMs from Brookvale, so I am happy to make a call on it at 7AM. I will post my thoughts either way.

    Fingers crossed,
  13. Thanks Goz,
    I've been trying to get something like this going for a while. I just love that road to West Head (minus the cyclists!).

    Looking forward to joining you on the postponed Photoshoot Ride thru the Nasho when you can arrange it.
  14. Thanks Scott,
    I've been really enjoying the weekend rides but am looking forward to joining a few others in this fabulous part of the world. Snake and I did the loop last weekend under perfect skies - it doesn't get much better than that (except perhaps if you could throw in a few laps of Mt Panorama!)
  15. Very keen for this! Fingers crossed it doesn't rain though..

    Saw a few motorcyclists there today. Gave a wave and a nod. Would be funny if they're on here.

    West head road has been entirely resurfaced but keep a look out for wet patches. It takes a long time to dry out completely as some water stagnates in puddles along the side of the road and takes forever to evaporate because of tree cover. Also take care not to go anywhere near the centre line as I've nearly been squashed during the past week riding up there by two huge ass dump trucks who seem to think the road is one-way. They're on both roads (Mc Carrs and West Head)
  16. I'm interested in this ride, but won't be able to attend this weekend or next - moving house this weekend, and will probably still be sorting throught the mess next weekend.

    I'll keep an eye on this thread though!
  17. Hey mate,

    Will be good to see you out there. OneStar and I will be making a weekly habit of this so just gives us a PM or log onto the thread when your keen to come along.

    Good luck with the move!!


  18. Hi Everyone,
    With all that rain last night it is going to leave all the roads wet. I't now raining around Manly. I think it might be prudent to cancel this morning's ride.

    Dissapointing that our first try was rained out, but I hope we can keep the interest for Saturday next week.

  19. Good decision, IMO.
    The roads are still slippery at Mona Vale and it's very overcast. Next week:beer:
  20. Good call Rich.
    It's still pouring around my area.