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Regular saturday morning old road brekkie ride

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ONE, Jan 5, 2011.

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  1. Trying to organise a regular saturday old road brekie ride.
    Meet at berowra mobil 8am For a few laps and brekkie at roadies.
    If its raining it aint on.
    So whos in.

  2. could be a possible
  3. Working this weekend, but up for next.
  4. Yup im in always like a bacon and egg roll mmmmm :)
    Good to see someone start the tread.
  5. So if its raining guys its off??? yes???
    Also 8am for a 8.15am start or 8.30 start for the straglers :)
    So how many laps trent before i can feed my belly?? You know i have to maintain my physique :D

    Cheers Paul.
  6. Yeah I was thinking about this, but 8am, that is very early on a Saturday.

    Need lazy emoticon.
  7. 8.30 start for the straglers then paul.
    Well i dont see why we couldnt have brekkie first i know you are very pedantic about what you eat :).

    Well vertical c ya got till 8.30 to get there or you could turn up at roadies abit later but we might not be there, Its early but worth it.

    Il still do it if its damp but if its raining i dont want to.

    Should be a good ride anyways
  8. Good stuff I'll be there unless it's raining. I'm happy to eat straight away
  9. Haha thanks, will try to get there then, hopefully it won't rain.

    I will be on the Buell.
  10. Yes we like to beat these blokes before they settle in

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  11. Awesome!

    I'll probably have Andrea on the back but I'll ditch her at RWs for a bit so I can get some hard riding in.
  12. poppadoms?

    lol slack bastard, tell her to get on the bloody bike and ride
  13. Trumpy still in the shop?
  14. So you coming slacker? or is it too early for ya :)
  15. She won't ride it Goz, she wants to go back to a small bike again. (ah my wallet!)

    Trumpy is back Paul, will be on that. I got the head stem barings replaced and it's feeling good again, haven't got to really test it out yet.
  16. Yeh come on u still haven't modeled your berik for us yet.
  17. 80% pending weather

    if so c u at servo @ 8:00
  18. Sounds good Trent, I could see this being a regular event for me.
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