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Regular Maintenance

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Arjo_Savage, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. Trying to keep my bike as fresh as possible... being a noob at bikes what home maintenance can you guys suggest that i should do regulary?
    Its a Kawasaki ZX2R 250cc 1988

  2. Depends how hard you're riding it. When was the last time it had a good service? Might need doing right now.

    Some stuff:
    -Replace engine oil every 4000kms
    -Replace oil filter every 2nd time you do oil (so every 8000kms)
    -Clean air element.. varies.. my manual suggests to do it everytime it rains but thats a bit of a laugh when I've heard other people recommending doing it every 5000-10000. I usually do it everytime I change my oil, because I can. If theres any damage to the air filter, replace it
    -Spark plugs. Not sure how often these need doing... But if you've just got the bike might as well do it now, they're only a few bucks each.
    -Lube chain (and check to see if it needs to be adjusted) every 400-600kms
    -General lubrication. Lots of the bike needs to be lubed/greased, such as steering head bearings, and other stuff..
    -Valve clearances. Refer to servicing manual
    -Carb clean and sync. When it needs it/refer to manual.
    -Cam chain adjust.. refer to manual

    Do you have a bike mechanic you trust enough not to rip you off? If so I'd take the bike down and get them to have a listen/short ride to see what needs doing. I did a major service and they did A-Z, alot of things I didn't ask them to do, but included it in the original quoted price of the things I did ask them to do. I also told them to call me if there was anything that needed doing, to check with me if I actually wanted to get it done.

    Good luck. I'm sure others have some valuable things to add that I've forgotten.
  3. thanks for that.. i only got it about a month ago and have only done 300kms.. all in all its done 17500kms
  4. hey arjo,

    i would be skeptical about an '88 model with only 17K on it but i suppose that is not the issue.

    Get your hands on the service manual and it runs through the regular maint. schedule that is best.
    havent checked it for a while but try this link
    id and password is 'manuals'
  5. What the..... ??? I've never heard of anyone who does this.

    New oil = new filter for me.
  6. New oil and filter is generally the case for cars but I've heard of people changing their bike filter every 2nd time. In fact I thought that was the norm. New filter and oil wont hurt of course.

    If your bikes like mine the oil turns dark fairly quickly anyway. Combustion Byproducts.

    Where as my car the oil stays fairly clean till the next service.
  7. I know of several people who do this. Both riders (home mechanics) and "proper" shop mechanics. It's been mentioned on here a few times about people changing filter every second time. Just cause you haven't heard of something doesn't say it doesn't happen nor exist. :grin:
  8. Most filters aren't that efficient with ultra-fine particles so you do usually need to change the oil before the filter. The filter's only there to stop the large chunks floating around from doing further damage - and if your oil filter's getting choked up with these quickly then your engine's got some serious problems.
  9. undii & droy333 - Thanks for the feedback. I'd honestly never heard of it being done before.
  10. dont know if i am typing it wrong, but manuals doesnt work...
  11. yep, I change the filter with every oil change and I am pedantic enough to do an extra oil and filter change halfway between scheduled services. Filters and oil are one of the cheapest ways to extend the life of ya engines.

    I lube the chain often, but NEVER without cleaning first..............don't overlube as yo will just pick up more cr@p and fling excess everywhere. Keep the adjustment to the right tolerances and watch your sprockets for wear.

    Air filters should be changed/cleaned with consideration for the environment that you have been riding in ie. dusty more often.......clean and dry airm less often.

    If your spark plugs are easily accessible, change them.........again a cheap thing to do and the bike will instantly feel more responsive, even if it is only in your head :LOL: :LOL:

    Tyre pressures and tread depths or uneven wearing on one side (usually in Australia on the right because of the cambers in the road and we drive on the left) are to be constantly monitored as are your brake pads/lights and brake fluid. Change brake fluid every 2 years is recommended..............does anyone really do this???

    good website for beginning


  12. Absolutely, costs f-all for a bottle of brake fluid and really only takes a few minutes to do if you can find someone to help. Can make a very big difference to braking performance if it hasn't been done for a while.

  13. Me personally i change everything i can at 4-5km's because i ride my bike everywhere, depending on how much cash i have left :D,

    oil & filter
    coolant (flush & clean radiator/fan fins)
    air filter
    fuel filter
    spark plugs
    adjusting chain
    clean chain & re lube basically every 2 days
    a nice good clean

    I've also recently started adding cleaning my carbs :D, replacing jets etc
    ., invest in the right equipment here, balancing carbs with a screw driver sucks lol.
  14. And I thought I was an@l doing oils halfway between services.............what about Filo01...........ever 4- 5 k's :shock: :shock:

    must tow a little trailer with parts and tools and do it roadside :rofl: :rofl:

    would really be slow touring with him :rofl: :bolt:

    just kidding :grin:
  15. This one aint working for me either
  16. lol. theres somthing about working on my bike that just does it for me \:D/. Though i've been told i might as well buy a project bike now to stop me from fiddling.

    i don't plan to tour with my little cibby, when i upgrade i'll probably go on over night adventures.
  17. my ZX2R 88 model service used to be every 5,000km's.
    Used to be, Oil (Synthetic), Oil filter and i would do chain clean and lube as bike was in bits and i was already dirty wash it all down and clean all the rocks and dirt and dust and crap out. Also used to change the brake fluids as a bottle of the really good castrol dot 4, rated at 5.1 is only $11

    Between 1 and 3 times a week if i had some time off, get the kero out put bike on racing stand, clean chain and lube it up.

    Every 10,000km's bike would go into mechanic for a service and get motor stuff done!

    just do your oil and filter regularly and u won't go wrong.