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regular leg vs. short leg leather pants

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by jeff_o, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. Hi mates, i'm no expert in leather suits and it's my first time to attempt leather pants. I've been weather leather jackets so i'd like get matching pants for that. currently i have the rst rift leather jacket, which suits up fine with my rst rift textile pants. however the textiles are so hot considering it's waterproof (liners removed already). i'd like to try perforated leathers this time.


    bumped into the website and it has short and regular leg. can you tuck regular leg into your boots? or regular leg would go over the boots just like a textile pant? what does short and regular leg mean? i pressume leather pants are supposedly shorter to tuck into your boots.

    i'm 32" waist and my current rst textile pants sized XS! is already long and has to be out of the boots.
  2. Those options are based on the length of your legs in comparison to your waist size :)
  3. how would i know if i'm should get regular or short legs?
  4. Are you asking if I can tell how long your legs are?
  5. If you've got short legs, you know about it. You need everything taken up.
  6. But one of my legs is twice as long as the other one ??!!!
  7. Godammit wheres my capslockkk
  8. ok i think i got it. so even if it's regular leg it's still shorter than a normal trouser/jean length so that you can tuck them in. i thought shorter leg is for tucking into boots and regular leg is for tucking out of the boots (short/regular pertains to person's leg, not the design of the pants).

    regular leg should still end up above the heel bone. anyone correct me if i'm wrong.
  9. Have you ever bought a pair of jeans before?
  10. It means if you're 6 foot 3 and have a 32 inch waist order the regular/long
    If you're 5 foot 8 and have a 32 inch waist, order the short.

  11. ok... i'm a short leg then. 5'9" and 32 waist. thanks mates for the info. :)
  12. Ain't that the truth!! :rofl:
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