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regular forks oil change?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by dgmeister, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. with regular forks (not upside down forks)
    can i change the fork oil without removing the forks from the bike?

  2. If there is a drain bolt at the bottom, yes.
    If there are not, you can suck the oil fluid out with a hose and syringe.
    Otherwise you are left to remove the forks which is a biatch.
  3. Even if there is a drain bolt it is still best to remove the forks to change the oil just to make sure you get rid of the really nasty bits of sludge. Should only take an hour if you know what you're doing, though allow 4 hours if doing it for the first time and take it slowly - you'll probably be amazed at just how simple it is by the time you're finished (and maybe a little concerned by just how little actually keeps the front wheel attached to a bike ;)).
  4. its an '03 R6, with regular forks

    i don't think it has a drain hole.

    was thinking of sucking it out with a tube, and pouring in new oil
    but its never that easy is it?

    with upside down forks i think you have to take them all apart
    using 17 specialist tools just to change the oil
  5. It's doable, but is detrimental to the life of the forks - though is still better than not changing the oil at all.

    You can get cheap plastic siphon pumps at most auto stores which will do the job if that is the route you want to go down.
  6. Turn the whole thing upside down and flush the tank while your there...sorry.
    U can just pull the forks out and invert them, but it doesn't get that gunk out. And it only take a bit of gump to gather on the shimms....
    TBH I doubt your forks have been touched in their lifespan. The shims will be worn and the spring.
    I would be on the phone to Terry hay at shock treatment or someone of the ilk for a rebuild price if your going to keep it a few years or turn it into a track bike
    Um I know I amold school. but springs don't just jump out of forks anymore. You can quite safely take that top nut off