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Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Ljiljan, Nov 20, 2009.

  1. Inclusion of Advisory Speed Signs on McKell Avenue, Waterfall

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am a regular user of Lady Wakehurst Drive and McKell Avenue. I am writing to request that two advisory corner speed signs be placed on Mckell Avenue near Lady Wakehurst drive. The corners in question are on immediately before and after a 25 km/h hairpin approximately half a kilometre from Lady Wakehurst Drive.

    Given that there are no advisory speeds for these corners and all other notable corners on the road are marked, an illusion of a safe slow corner is created. However the actual corners are deceptively tight and decrease in radius progressively through the corner, and similar corners elsewhere on the same road and in the area are marked at 35 km/h. I have seen multiple road users; drivers and motorbike riders alike either cross into the oncoming lane or run off the road, depending on the direction of travel. Considering that this road is frequently travelled by motorcycles and cars respectively, a motorcycle crossing into the oncoming lane towards an approaching car, or a car crossing into the opposite lane towards an oncoming motorcycle, or a motorcycle or car running off the road into trees all create a very real and lethal hazard to riders and drivers alike.

    I hope that you act on this letter when you receive it as I feel that the safety of road users is currently being compromised, and that the issue at hand directly relates to the council’s One Life One Chance road safety campaign, particularly in light of the Motorcycle Safety Expo run just last month. Thank you for your consideration and time.

    Yours truly,
    Address: ## xxxx Rd, xxxx, NSW, 2###

    PS. Here are links of the corners in question in google maps:




    If you think that the lives of riders are of greater value than the cost of four signs, please email this or similar to ssc@ssc.nsw.gov.au with your name and postal address (that is how they reply).
  2. I think you should not be relying on "advisory" signs and the removal of the others would encourage better driving behavior and mean less roadside furniture for you to hit if you do come off.
  3. +1 to that, get rid of the things, and make your own decisions, if your unsure slow down
  4. He's talking about other roads users, you know, the lowest common denominators that speed limits and all these signs were created for ;)
  5. Exactly, the problem is that every other corner is posted, and while we can decide for ourselves not to rely on the signs, we can't make other road users do the same. Explaining it to them after they end up in our lane doesn't quite cut it.
  6. Remove all the advisory speed signs? You blokes don't have both oars in the water 8-[
  7. That is the point, the other signs should not be there. I am sick to death of this "I need someone else to tell me what to do (or how to act)" bullshit.
  8. "Tight winding road ahead X km" All you need to know.
  9. You blokes manage to crash when there ARE signs there; what's the toll likley to be with no signs?
  10. Just close your eyes then, problem solved ;)
  11. ^

    I'm going to write and ask them to put in some signs that say "DON'T CRASH Next 12km".
  12. Bet it'll be roughly as effective as the LEMMINGS CORNER sign, Bonk.
  13. Don't suggest that Bonk, if you do crash they will probably book you for failing to heed the "do not crash" sign as well as anything else they can think of.
  14. We need advisory speed / corner signs to reduce the chances of other road users crashing into us. Just because I can ride according to the conditions does not been the person coming the other direction in a cage / truck can.

    Then again, they haven't stopped all the people taking corners through the Black Spur with one wheel in my lane, but perhaps they've stopped some.
  15. this and

    this. Because every other corner is posted, Joe Boggs is expecting to be told if a particularly tight corner is coming up, and will assume there isn't if he isn't told.
  16. How do you know that? You are making an arrogant assumption, without anything to support it except the usual tired 'cars are out to get us' garbage...... Most bike accidents are single vehicle accidents, resulting from excessive speed, unfounded assumptions about the road ahead, and an over-blown belief in the rider's ability. A huge percentage of bike-car accidents are contributed to by the rider being in excess of the prevailing road speed, resulting in the bike being somewhere where the driver has no reason to expect him to be.

    Can we please have an end to this victim whining here? If you want to ride on a road that has no posted advisory, go find one. Having been a driver and rider before such safety features were introduced on our roads, and having seen and experienced the difference they make, I defend them as in the interest of eveybody's safety.

    Oh, and please note, I got my license in 1974, and since March '05 have racked up nearly 100,000 kms on my current bike.
  17. It's all about you Paul isn't it? ;)
  18. No it's all about commonsense. The OP wants us to sign a petition to place advisory speed signs on two well-known dangerous corners, and the usual suspects come out with their 'stuff that, let's remove speed signs altogether' junk. I've been travelling that road for decades, and the signs are needed. The argument for no signs is made a nonsense by the fact that there are numerous crashes on those corners, and fewer on the corners that ARE marked....
  19. OP has a very valid point - the signs have become a matter of convention and not having one when there are many other on such a road may lead to a greater chance of misjudgment.

    How can you want to signs removed on the basis of "I don't want to be told what to do", they are ADVISORY signs - you don't have to do the speed indicated.
  20. That is the problem Lilly people are expecting to be told what to do and crash when they are not, that is a sad state of affairs. Pandering to the idiots makes the problem worse over time, evolution if you like.