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Regretful CBR125 sales?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Damo79, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. I noticed in the local Ballarat paper 2 weeks ago there were 2 CBR125's for sale - one with 700km and the other 500km (i think... it was easily less than 1000). With only 15-20 bikes for sale this stood out.
    This got me thinking - as to the reasons that someone would buy a CBR125 and after bugger all km's decide to offload it.

    These are the reasons i came up with:
    You are new to bikes and don't know any better. The salesman tells you it's great so you buy it cause it looks like a real bike. Soon you get used to the power and you realise that your 1995 corolla is faster and has a heater (important in Ballarat). You cut you losses and do your homework on a new bike.

    I have never ridden a CBR125 - and i don't hate you if you do, we are all brothers (or sisters) after all- just wondering if anyone else has any theories on this or if you are unfortunate enough to have gone through this situation let us know why... CBR125's can't be that bad can they?
  2. They're gutless but their 'sporting appearances' mislead the naive (especially when combined with the salesperson's pitch) - so people buy them with more expectations. When they realise they're gutless (yes I've ridden one so I'm not just talking out of my ass), people want something less annoying.

    To riding a low powered bike/scooter is similar to trying to access some p0rn on the net. You're on the right path to something good, but it takes so long to load that you just end up getting pissed off. :LOL:
  3. you either have dial-up, or arent in the loop.
  4. People who are misslead by a 125cc engine bike are brain-damaged phiz and if you are so well experienced on the bike you would know that these bikes with less then 1k on the clock are no-where near their potential.

    Again, they are a 125cc sport (yes sport) ride any other 4strock 125cc and come back and tell me the CBR doesn't shit all over it.

    They are purpose built though and not very many riders ride them properly. This bike has brought the best out in me because if you make a wrong move (gear, breaking, cornering) even the slightest error it sacrifices your speed.. so you learn to push the bike to its limits and learn how to maintain it.... tell me thats a bad thing!

    As for the original OP, you dont know shit about it.. they could have had a baby and needed the money, their third rider who bought a zzr may have tried to be a hero and killed himself, basically it may have had nothing to do with the bike itself.

    I'm 85kg and maintain 120 on the freeway, I can take a turn at 80-90 and maintain.. the bike only lacks the ability of agressive accelleration.. for new riders this is a goodthing, it means you can always think faster then the situation the bike is putting you in... tell me thats a bad thing!

    The CBR125R seems to be like sand in your Vajayjay if you own a bigger bike? but why? lets ask this question - why do people have issues with this bike? cos I think the answer alone is "its not fast enough to make me think I'm a hero"

    Get Over Yourself
  5. I've seen quite a lot of CBR125's for sale with low kms on them recently.

    I think the simple reason is most people don't realize that a bike that looks fast (like the CBR125) isn't necessarily fast in the real world, so they get the upgrade fever earlier than normal.

    The local Honda shop have had 2 buyers come back with stories of that type recently.
  6. :popcorn:
    screw Riverfire! Tonight i'm watching THIS thread... the fireworks promise to be MUCH more spectacular...
  7. Sure you can compare the 125cc 4 stroke single cylinder to any other engine the same and the CBR might come out comparable. Doesn't mean that the 125cc 4 stroke single mill is a good engine for everybody. Perhaps you should get your leg over something with a more powerful engine and learn to ride it.

    You see power isn't about going fast, it's about accelerating fast. The biggest safety factors on a bike (imho anyway) is space and agilty. Space can be bought with agility. Now I'm sure the lil cbr is agile through corners, I have no idea about the braking. But if you take away the better than car acceleration you loose one of the better parts of a bikes agility.

    I used to ride a Spada (about 30-odd HP) it was not so good at making space at highway speeds. I upgraded to an Across (about 45 HP, in much better condition) and all of a sudden making space was so much easier. Now on the cbr600... well *giggle*

    The other factor is that riding a little bike long distances at highway speeds tends to be more taxing on the body than a larger bike of similar style.
  8. Could it be that this is their first bike so they convinced themselves a new one with warranty is a good idea, then after 500km they realise bike riding is not for them, so time to sell.
  9. According to netrider, yes, they're the worst thing ever. You'd be a moron to get one and only the people with one will defend it so they "don't look stupid making that purchase". ;-)

    I decided on one before I went to a bike shop, and the salesman actually told me I'd become bored with it. I got it anyway because I didn't want something too fast to learn on. I'm currently at 8000km, 3 months until i'm off my P's and i'm looking forward to my upgrade, but I don't hate my 125.

    I've said this before so I'll continue to say it agian, if you're using it for anything other than a city commuter, it's going to be less than ideal. I don't hit any speed limits over 80km/h so this bike great to learn on. I think somewhere like Ballarat would probably have some longer non-city roads which would make the CBR125 a terrible choice. I would probably get rid of mine (or just wouldn't have got it at all) if I was riding anywhere outside of a city.
  10. Valid point. :)

    The 2 bikes I mentioned that were traded after very short periods were owners in rural towns where lots of the travelling would have been on highways.

    Stop/start metro commuting would no doubt suit them much better.
  11. And squeezing them between the horrible traffic which never moves. :grin:
  12. Um actually no, I can find faults and stated them in three reviews I have done on netrider since owning it... educate yourself before being a smart arse kook
  13. err, i believe he demonstrated his learning on low powered bikes, and the differences he experienced. to me, that is an educated statement.
  14. You are blinded buddy.

    "ride any other 4strock 125cc and come back and tell me the CBR doesn't shit all over it"

    Okay how about the yammy 125? Some reviews suggest it's a better bike let alone the cbr shitting over the yammy. Personally I'll pass on both. I'm assuming strock is stroke?

    "They are purpose built though and not very many riders ride them properly"

    Purpose built to be ridden as a learner bike? And you mean learners aren't riding them properly *shock* If that's the case then it's a poorly designed bike.

    "I'm 85kg and maintain 120 on the freeway"

    Is that using the optimistic honda speedo? Is that on level ground, any wind? How does it go doing 100 up a hill?

    Oh... I already answered the 'hero' statement.
  15. Yami not in Oz and never will be,
    Stroke not strock (typing error) does it make you feel intellectually superior stating the obvious?
    100 up hill easily
    My arguement is with the point of view that they some how fall below a standard that most netriders have..This is the assumption of the OP
    I'm fully aware of what the bike is, I make no presumptions or missleading statements.. Its a 125cc bike!!
    But its well built and can do every legal speed posted in NSW.
    Faults, sure its got them.. suspensions is horrid for one and 120 was the speedo, based on rolling diameter there is only error of 2.2km max otherwise the speedo gearing would have to be catastrophically wrong to create a bigger gap..

    As I said, your problem is the fact it can't get to 100 in 3 sec, it can get to 100 though and I have maintained close to 120 on the freeway up pete's ridge but thats not the concern of this (another) CBR125R bashing thread
    And I have no time for people who focus on top speed regarding this bike because its a 125cc FFS

    and yeah, of course I'm going to defend the bike I own?

    Simply put, they offer a great learning experience that translates more clearly into skill then a half arsed ability to be a hero on the street.
    clearly having exposed and corrected your faults benefits you when you do upgrade.. which as another post concludes, everyone does.

    Not riding them properly statement what directed at people like you who get on the bike and try to ride it and expect 600cc things to happen.. not the learners who are benefiting from these bikes
  16. There should be a class of racing for them, maybe. I dunno, on go-kart tracks or something. You know, as long as everyone is on the same thing, stripped down, open pipe etc. Bling-mods banned, or laughed off the track...

    They're in the shops for the same price as a full system for a supersport. Thats wacky.

    Buckets have gone the way of the dodo, the 'new bucket class': CBR125s ?
  17. Sure. Does it make you feel better asking a smart arse rhetorical question and getting your knickers in a twist because people are pointing out that the bike you bought isn't for everybody?

    I'll take your word for it. Some other cbr125 owner might provide more info.

    Right. Where did I say that? I said that I felt acceleration is an important safety feature on a bike. I also said that the Across (4cylinder 250) was pretty good on the road, but that was far short on 0-100 in 3 seconds.

    The thing is, if you're riding around town I'm sure that the cbr is great. I'm suggesting that in a highway situation that there would be better bikes out there.

    Excellent. Because I specificly stated that I wasn't talking about top speed.

    I know plenty that wouldn't ;)

    So a rider stepping up to a 600cc bike is less likely to crash into into a big fireball if they start on a cbr125r than a GPX?

    I agree.

    So how does not knowing how to ride them properly get turned into expecting "600cc things to happen"?

    When I was a learner and hadn't ridden a 600cc bike I often got on my Spada and expected it to behave like a 600cc although at this point I didn't know what a 600 was like to ride. Thanks for taking the time out to fully get to know me. Have you ridden a 600?

    I'll make this my final post in this thread, simply because argueing on the innerwebs is like licking bus windows, it should be reserved for 'special' people.
  18. I wouldn't mind giving a cbr125r a go sometime. Just to see how it holds up to thrashing up steep hills. Might be fun.

    I do agree with the OP though, it certainly would fool buyers. It looks really fast, is the price of a used 250cc and probably is really easy to learn on.
    Once Buyers get their license and try to explore the capacity of the bike/take it on the highway, they'll probably be disappointed at the poor performance.

    Seeing as it's a cheap bike, they'll probably have no problem cutting their losses.
  19. Don't bother continuing the debate with Drewzor, Port. He's doing what some Hyosung riders do... Defend their purchase with complete blind stupidity :wink:

    But I'll add my 2c seeing as I'm in a playful mood anyway :LOL:

    Drewzor; Chill the fuk out. The OP wasn't casting aspersions on your manhood by questioning the worth of the 125r, he was simply asking why there were a few for sale with low k's. One of the logical answers to that question is 'Maybe they're rubbish?" wouldn't you think? No need for you to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    I love Internet Heros :cool:


    Oh, and I've ridden one. I weigh 82 kg and there is no way in hell you can sit on 120kph! I even struggled to get it to sit on a ton :shock:
  20. rhetorical questions makes me feel like I win arguements..

    Honestly, no have only riden upto 400cc for significant distance (not just up down the street and then post reviews on netrider...

    125 vs GPX starter... um I think I would say that based on my limited experience so far, my FZR250 showed none of the fundamentals to me when riding it because I felt completly out of control in a turn if entering too hot so I always backed off.. the 125 lets you come in with a terrible line, too fast and you can trim elements off until corrected, instead of backing off and throttling back onto the correct line.

    I'm just defending the bike port80, if your local I would gladly tag on for a ride and get to know you, I dont mean to be disrespectfull when trying to make my points of view understood, but I often read things on netrider in a context of demeaning the bike.. and I dont think its justified.

    I'll make this my last post too as our points have been made