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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ninja03, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. Ey guys

    With rego getting so expensive i want to pay my rego monthly. I found a site Regoezy which appears to let you do that. Anyone else used these guys or know fo any other sites?? Is it legit??

  2. Thats RegoEzy is the biggest rip I have seen in a while, you pay upfront for 12 installments before it is due, with a 25c fee everytime. They get to earn interest on your installments.

    Plus they get commissions if they sell you car insurance I am sure.

    You risk them going broke and taking your money.

    Better to get a online savings account or something at least you will be earning interest and the bank is less likely to go broke. You can set up Direct debits from them as well if you arent disciplined.
  3. ^^^ +1. I was going to suggest this too.

    Something like UBank (by NA8). I use this to save for several things throughout the year; rego being one, Christmas being another. I have separate buckets for the different things I'm saving for, and regular payments go into my buckets from my normal bank account.

    I think ING does one too.
  4. Im dreading my rego bill, just paid the car and had kittens obver that 562 dollars