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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by bookofromans, May 28, 2006.

  1. I have alot of noob questions haha I want to search the forum for answers first but this one i can't understand and that's the rego cost! I haven't got a bike yet (planning to). im looking as much as my time permits. I'm considering a zxr250 or a cbr250r(r). How much would it cost to rego those? I'm afraid of hidden costs, im trying to budget ahaha. I live in melbourne btw lol.

    p.s i wanna become a biker freak hahah but the information available and all the forums are so0o overwhelming! so much information so0o many ways to go and on top of that little time! (im a student) =s anyone know a very structured resource center i could refer to?

    thanks for your time guys/gals!

  2. Nope, no idea.

    But you've just given me an idea :idea:
  3. Oh FARK... not again.... last time this happened the forum crashed!!!!! :cry: :cry: :?

  4. I know someone will chime in later with the exact dollar figure amounts but from what i can recall... my 250 cost ~$400 to reg + $125 to 3rd party insure where.
  5. In Queensland, it's ~$125 rego + ~$255 ctp for twelve months. It seems not to make any difference what size the bike is, but ctp is significantly cheaper if the bike is registered as single-seat (which mine is - only ~$90 ctp).

    As for hidden costs, watch out for stamp duty when transferring a second-hand bike into your name - again, in QLD, it's 2% of the bike's value. And find out how much an independent mechanical inspection will cost you, if you want one done.

    That info may not help you in VIC, but I just thought I'd chime in with my experience :)
  6. Rego is cheaper only for bikes under 125cc otherwise all bikes are the same - total cost will however depend on your postcode.
  7. 250cc here in Vic... according to my rego back in Feb.
  8. Actually we're both wrong - checked the Vicroads site and there's separate categories for TAC premium for:
    Under 60cc
    and +500cc
    It's the $50 Safety Levy that only applies to bikes over 125cc.
    Edit: All the info for working out rego cost in Victoria can be found here
  9. $366.20 for a cbr250rr
    Third party insurance with racv is $88 per year, full comp was like $1400 :( (22/M/No riding exp/Reasonable driving history)
  10. hahaha thanks alot people! it's given me a fair indication of how much i should expect to pay hehe im gonna be soooo poor. Now i gotta get back to reading this forum haha soo much too read. Whoever wrote 'Used Motorcycle Evaluation Guide' (i think adam glass) is a gun, good stuff in there. i appreciate the effort mate.