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NSW Rego Tubes

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by SteveD, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. Hi all, I am new to netrider and new to riding .Recently went to superbikes at the Creek and was told by the police that the rego tube on my bike was illegal is this true?

  2. Maybe you had it mounted incorrectly, some states insist it be on the left hand side rear etc.
  3. For Victoria it's officially not allowed. The rego has to be clearly displayed on the LHS of the bike.

    In practice if it's clearly visible you are usually OK. The situations where they book people are either where it's on the rear - but attached in such a way it's possible to swing it up to obscure the rear number plate, or if someone just wants to be a total pr1ck. :roll:
  4. I think that the cops are probably right on this one... but like f*ckwits driving with the F*ckin foglights on would never do anything about it...

    The idea is that the cops should be able to read the rego label, not just that you have it there... that said, I think you would be pretty safe until you get stopped for speeding, and then they might hit you with the fine for that while they have the pad out...

    Use vehicle with obscured/defaced/illegible label - $81


    Much like my argument about non-AS-approved helmets... has anyone ever actually been fined for this??? Unlike non-AS-approved helmets, I am sure this wouldn't be a reason for your insurance company to weasel out of a claim...

  5. I had this same discussion with the local Plod up here in Cairns a couple of weeks ago, Pulled over for RBT and License check (everyone, not just me) cop wanders around bike, Plod advises my rego tube is not legal and he can give me a fine.

    I counter that using the "official" rego label holder for Qld is not water proof and when the water leaks into said "legal" holder the printed part of the rego label fades and can't be read.

    So, I said what's the difference, your going to fine me anyway!
    I get fined for a unreadable rego label, but the holder is legal, or I have an illegal rego holder, but at least the rego sticker can be read.
    No matter which way I go, I can't win with you guys!

    No response, he just said I can be on my way.
  6. hmmm i always thought they where legal in NSW

    Maybe call the RTA and let the fourm know?
  7. I think the problem is that "all" the information on the label needs to be visible. Maybe something to do with being able to renew rego's online now, and having a payment date or reciept # visible on the label?Probably working on the theory that you can just peel the label off the rego papers and stick it in the tube without paying. Thats what the rego check is for!. All the RTA say, is that label must be on the rear or left, and all information be visible. The really exxy rego tube that AUSF do rotates, and they claim their's is legal because by rotating you can see all the info on the label. From my understanding, there is no reason a "tube" rego holder is not acceptable, as long as it rotates. I guess the tubes that can't rotate would be defectable. Be nice to the officer, claim ignorance, and promise to rectify it immediately :grin:

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  9. Good find

    My excuse is that stones have flicked up and broken the "normal" one as it hung below the rear guard so got the tube one.
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    Easy. You screw the holder on behind the number plate.

    Anyway, the law is clear on this one in Vic. Left side or on the steering arm. It makes more sense to bolt it to the number place. On the left the bike leans over in that direction and if it's low enough and on an angle it can be hard to read. But it'd be legal.

    Of course, the copper can be a prick about it and because he has to bend down further (at least both of us are now bending over, I s'pose) to read it that's his problem. And if he makes it yours or mine then we have the option of challenging it in court.

    Thing is, police cars are now connected to the force's databases. It takes 'em a second to find out from the rego plate what the details of the vehicle are.

    Or they can simply call the station on the radio and request a rego check. It takes a second and the cop can have all the info he needs before he even gets out of the car.

    And for that I dunno why there is a need to have a rego sticker. Unless it's merely something more that they want us to blindly obey without ryme or reason. And yet another excuse to book us when we fail to comply with their bullshit rules.

    Anyway, what's the big deal about these tubes? Doesn't it mean that you have to remove the label from it to show the copper? Or does it rotate or something to display all the info?

    My holder is covered in chain lube and road grime. And it'll stay that way too. The copper can easily read the info if he is of a mind to.

    Oh, and the rego holder which the law merely says that we have to put the label in by one that is provided by us - no mention of approved or otherwise, holders, costs a coupla bux. What do these tubes cost?
  11. $20 or so and upwards.

    I have my rego sticker in a tube that's attached to the left side of my plate, mounted vertically. So it's on the left side of the bike.

    The rego details on the sticker are clearly visible (well they would be if I ever washed the chain lube and grime off the tube...), and the tube can be rotated if necessary.

    As far as I'm aware, it's legal.
  12. Why do the police even need to see the rego, they can easy call type in the plate to see if it has rego, my sticker doesnt say anything cause i got it regoed online, so no payment date or rec number, if its got a plate why have a sticker? is it for the public to view?