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NSW Rego tubes.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Ausfox, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Hi, damn iPhone won't allow me to search the forum for some unknown reason with the search function.
    So after looking for a good 30 mins I've caved in and thought I'd just ask.
    I looked on the RTA website and I can't see why they aren't legal, as long as they are next to the plate and not obscuring any plate numbers or letters.

    So question is.

    Are rego tubes legal in NSW?


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  2. Better to ask "Who's ever been pulled, or fined because of a tube?"
    Technically illegal I think, but I couldn't be arsed proving that for you.
    Regs state it must be attached to, or adjacent to the numberplate at the rear.
    I have mine in a tube above the chain guard.
    Rego labels are so 20th century - cars have had computers for years, and they know before they pull you if you're registered or not...
  3. they're not legal.
    a very sad incident some time ago set a precedent.
    a kitten was playing with a ball of wool by the side of the road. a rego tube from a passing motorcycle came loose, spearing it straight through the head.
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  4. Technically illegal as mentioned - 'obscuring registration label'

    From RTA...

    I have been stopped a few times for RBT/defect checks etc and it has been mentioned on at least two of those occasions that it's not legal but they would never do you for it.
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  5. have had mine on now for a few yrs been pulled up from RBT and speeding but never got mentioned ...
  6. Thanks for bringing this up, I was looking at getting a tube - but meh, it's not necessary and I'd hate to be done by some over zealous cop.
  7. I've had mine on for about nine months or so now, been pulled over twice, and RBT another three times and none have said anything about it.

    Of the two times I got pulled over, one was by some traffic 'strike force' (TSU?) for riding unregistered (long story, paid CTP but completely forgot about RTA fees) and nothing was said about the rego tube, so it might just be a part of the attitude test if they want to bother booking you for the 'obscuring' rule.
  8. As others have stated, they are illegal in NSW. However, I don't know many people who have actually been pinged for it.

    Having said that, I do know a few people who have bought the cheaper ones only to get spoken to because there was NO REGO label at all. Unbeknown to them the f*cking thing had fallen off.
  9. Very sad...got any pics??
  10. I think it would be one of those things where your attitude would determine the result.

    They are technically illegal though as mentioned due to obscuring rego label.
  11. With all the decision-making and processes going through the plod's head, I wonder how many think to look?
    "Will my taser reach him from here?", for example...
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    Redline tour their tube is legal in all states in their website. I have one and have been pulled over a number of times (RBT/speeding) and haven't had it questioned once.
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  13. i've got one and have had it for over a year now and been stopped for a few times at RBT, other time, just coz i was turning into an empty dead end street at 2am and two cop cars decided to stop me and do a breath test and ask a few 'questions' about the bike.

    no one said anything about the tube, despite checking my plates and the Ps.

    i've had a look at mine. you can see the year, bike details everything clearly. albeit, a lil uncomfortable, as you gotta sit down and look from underneath, but its readable.
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  14. I guess it all depends on the cop that pulls you over. If his mrs has a roast waiting at home then he wont bother, but if his mrs just kicked him out, your done for.
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    QLD rego papers last year explicitly stated that rego tubes aren't legal up here. Unless redline think they have some kind of exemtion for theirs.
  16. I have been pulled over by a hwy cop who was intent on enforcing the letter of the law. Gave me a ticket for cross unboken line. Had a good look at my rego tube. Said I'd mounted too high and it was partially obscuring the plate. Didn't give me a ticket because we both know he was full of it. Had me rotate the tube so he could see the date, but didn't ping me for it.

    I'd argue that tube mounting doesn't obscure the label. The label has fine detail anyway so a law enforcer has to get up close to read it anyway. It can be position such that all the information contained on it can be read without adjusting the tube. The reader just has to move their head. The law doesn't say it has to be read without the read having to move their head.
  17. that is how mine is. everything's visible, you just gotta move the head :)
  18. In this day and age why do we have rego labels anyway? I know WA has done away with them, why is the rest of the country so far behind.