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REGO Sticker!!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by 4130, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. Whats the story with these things?

    As far as I knew, as long as its with you and you can present it when asked, then there is no problems.
    Unfortunately some police dont agree and say that Not having it fixed on the outside of the bike is illegal. I keep mine under the pillion seat, stops it working itself loose.

    I didnt get booked this time, any one else had simmilar experiances or comments???
  2. I always just assumed it had to be placed visibly at least on the bike just as with cars...
  3. The police are correct. It must be on the left side of the vehicle and viewable at all times.
  4. Unfortunately, it must be visible.

    I have mine on my rack....

    YOu can also LEGALLY have them (and rego plate) on your undertray infront of your rear tyre....... Go figure.
  5. Can I legally have it covered by my L plate if it is attached to the outside of my bike? (hanging from the number plate)
  6. Doesnt make it all that visible, does it?
  7. This law, like many other petty laws that we deal with each day, is probably broken more than it's kept, but I think most cops (at least most that I have had to deal with) use a degree of common sense when enforcing it.

    My label is mounted on my rear mudguard under my number plate and so is clearly visible from the rear along withe the number plate. It's in one of those clear plastic holder thingys and is secured by a bolt and wing nut with a spring washer. I've never had it come loose and I've had several police look at it and pass on as if It's OK.

    Having said that, if you're pulled over for doing something stupid, or you give the cop aggro while he's checking you out, he will go over you and the bike with a fine toothed comb and pick all the faults he can to teach you not to be a smart arse and to show you that he has the power and you don't.

    Common sense, really.
  8. didn't someone report not so long ago that they received a defect sticker for having it mounted on the side of their bike (apparently it had to be on the back)?
  9. Josh I think you will find that the laws differ between NSW and Vic (along with the opinions and preferences of forum members!!!)
    Makes a compelling case for uniformity of these matters Australia-wide, doesn't it?
  10. It is if I lift up the L plate, or swing it to one side ;)
    My point being that it IS attached to the outside of my bike and at the rear too.

    I guess I am unsure what circumstances it needs to be visable.
  11. In NSW recently (last two years or so) it became law that the label must be attached to the number plate on Motorcycles and trailers etc. Cars it is still on a left hand window or the left of the windscreen.
  12. OK, there you go, thanks Buckets. LH side in Viccie and with number plate in NSW.
    Soooooooooo, what happens if I'm riding a NSW reg'd bike and get pulled over in Victoria??
    Nah, they wouldn't do that, would they???
  13. Look at the recent debacle with Aftermarket Pipes and the "Sticker Tax" in NSW... they wouldn't book interstate visitors my arse! :evil:
  14. I have mine stashed in the 'boot' of the VTR. I kept loosing them of the back of the bike. I have been pulled over before for a check (after not being caught for speeding :D ), and happily pulled it out of the boot.

    If you are very pleasant with the Police, they will often just use there common sense. I could see that if I was a prick about it they would have done me for it.
  15. I thought the go was to hang it from one of the lower corners of the numberplate... although its a bugger when it gets rotated up and partially obsures it :wink:
  16. Mine used to be covered by my L plate, but then a turned the plastic rego holder thing 90 degrees (it was on the bottom left number plate screw) so now its poking out to the left of the number plate, just beneath my indicator. You have to tilt your head to read it, but at least it can be read.
  17. On the subject of aftermarket pipes, Buckets, I have a Staintune that I bought 2nd hand.

    I rang Staintune and told them I needed a sticker, they asked me what model it was and they sent me one though the mail, no questions asked, no inspection, no nothing. How cool is that for product support?
  18. When I went for my Pre-learner course the dude said that you have to have your rego at the back next to the number plate. He said that when you come back to do your P's test if you bring your own bike and the rego isnt at the back then they won't let you use your bike to do the test because its not legal! Not really a prob for me cause when i bought the bike the rego was attached to the number plate so its all good... stupid law though!
  19. i secured mine on the reverse of my number plate (the undertray facing towards the front of the bike).
    havent been pulled up for it yet, but its in prettty plain view.
    means i only have to cover up one plate when i go through a speed camera now :twisted:

    Sir Skuffy
    Posted: Wed Jun 08, 2005 4:25 pm
    YOu can also LEGALLY have them (and rego plate) on your undertray infront of your rear tyre....... Go figure.

    is this true for alll states...?
    would this be legal in qld :?:
  20. Don't think that would be legal, kinda hard to read unless you're up close to it.

    P.S. That's one cool looking CB250 :roll: