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Rego sticker

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by tonee, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. I have no idea where to place my Rego sticker. I've got the plastic holder but where to do i clip it onto? Does it need to be visible from the exterior? If not then ill just leave it where it is now(under the the seat).

  2. Hmmmm have a look at other bikes most of the time it's screwed to the number plate.
  3. Mine's held onto the chain guard by the back bolt.
  4. I wear mine around my neck :wink:

  5. I keep mine in it's plastic case in the glove box in the fairing.
  6. your bike has a glove box? thats so cool!

    But does it legally have to be visible from the outside? if not then ill just leave it under the seat
  7. If I remember correctly, it has to be either behind (ie attached to the rego plate) or on the left side of the bike.

    Then again, I could be wrong. But I do remember reading something like that but can't find it right now.
  8. back or to the left
  9. "rego tube" is the way to go. $20 from most bike stores and they come with brackets to bolt directly to the bottom holes in the numberplate. Looks much tidier than the big plastic rectangle brackets...
  10. Rego tube is NOT the way to go. I went and bought one for my bike and one day on a big ride it just came off in the middle of nowhere with no warning. Complete waste of $20 + $18 for a new rego slip. Even when it's on I found it was annoying and if anyone ever wanted to read it, you couldn't.

    For $2 you can get the square plastic one and secure it to the bolt that holds your chain guard on.

    I am so much happier with the $2 one than the $20 one.

    Also I was always under the impression that the rego had to be visible. Either on the back or the left.
  11. Your other option is to toss the plstic cover and stick it to the left hand side of your screen. :)

    I put mine in a cover attached to the number plate though. :)
  12. Not sure about other states, but I was only talking to QLD Transport yesterday and they told me the rego sticker had to be visible on the rear or left hand side of the bike from a distant of 6 metres.
  13. I'll throw in a +1 on the tube-style rego holder. When I got my bike registered and went to take off the regular flat holder from the side of the bike it completely disintegrated in my hands, got the tube holder, affixed it to the brackets I'd made for my new tailchop and voila!

    It looks much better, and it's considerably more robust.