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Rego Sticker- Stolen!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bike_noob, Jun 16, 2010.

  1. Hi guys just went outside to check my bike and it looks like someone has stolen my rego sticker...

    It was inside the plastic holder which can only be opened witha screwdriver, the palstic holde ris there, but the sticker is gone:

    -my questions are (they might seem dumb) but i need to know:

    Can someone use my sticker to do something illegal?
    Should i be worried about this?
    how much is a replacement going to cost?
    Do i need to report it to the police?

    Anything else...

    Did not know which section to put this in. So mods feel free to move to appropriate location.
  2. lol mate you got bad karma. First you nearly got wiped out by a 4wd and now your rego label has gone walkabout.

    If it was the plate they may be able to do something illegal such as a drive off but don't know what could be done with the label apart from displaying it on their own bike??

    Report it to the roads authority and get a replacement one from them.
  3. --not really
    --knowing VicRoads (if you'd actually mention where your from, assuming Vic), $1000+
    --prob not but do it to be sure in case they intend to bugger off with your plate next. ;)

    This is exactly why I f--k the law off where it says rego must be bolted on LHS of bike. Mine lives loose under the seat, looks better there too. ;)
  4. Replacement sticker is <$20 I think, lost mine a while back. Just call them or check their site. (VIC)
  5. WHERE ARE YOU FROM bike_noob?!?
  6. Just found out replacement cost;

    $1071 for the claim of loosing it.
    $9.90 for mailing fee's
    $28 for processing

    Link Here
  7. Mine's lived in my wallet for the best part of nine years. Never had a problem.
  8. that's a very good idea...
  9. Not if you get pulled over and the copper wants to be an ar**hole it isn't.
  10. but then I'd just state it's been stolen from my bike previously and that I did not wish to run that risk again! ;)
  11. I accept that possibility and will deal with it if it happens.

    Actually, I won't have to as WA has now done away with rego stickers :grin:.
  12. Lost mine from my car (was slowly peeling and i ignored it then it was gone :p). $30 i think for a new rego paper incl sticker.
  13. If you tell them it was stolen out of the holder and the holder replaced they may give you one for free..

    The only reason I could see for them wanting it is the colour of it, so if the cops glance at their bike they see its in reg and not think twice.
  14. Yeh when i noticed it i couldnt think of any reason why someone would want to steal a rego sticker.

    Seriously its so annoying


    I am in Victoria, guess ill give vicroads a call in the morning.
  15. Replacement Registration Label and Certificate
    You can order online a replacement registration label (sticker) and certificate under these conditions:

    •The cost is $14.60 and payment can be made by MasterCard or Visa only
    •You may be entitled to a free label in some circumstances. See Request replacement label
    •Your replacement label and certificate will be sent to you up to 10 working days
    •Your replacement label and certificate will be sent to the address currently recorded on your registration certificate.
    •If you need to Update Your Address, please do so before attempting this transaction. It may take up to 76 hours to update.
    •All replacement of labels are considered finalised at point of payment. No refunds, returns or exchanges will be allowed.

  16. Fees.

    Free replacement situations.
  17. and you can still get fined for not having your rego label displayed if being pulled over by the police even if you have the receipt to say you have ordered a new one
  18. serious?

    :rofl: ahahah classic revenue raising! =D&gt;
  19. No.

    Bike_noob, put your location in your forum profile. It really helps us help you when you ask questions. I at least have ignored questions in the past when the user doesn't say where they are, or hasn't set up their profile. Do it now.
  20. Thats what I was told by Vicroads when I asked them and also by my local Police station..

    You would have to catch a cop in a bad mood if you were able to show you have ordered anew one and have them still fine you though, I would like to think