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Rego sticker possie

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by ascottaudio, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Hi all.

    Spent ages trying to find a better position for my rego placard..bike is very new and it came with the rego plac just bolted to the side of the rego plate..which offends my eye ..

    I'm usually pretty good at coming up with simple solutions for things like this but danged if I can find a good spot.

    I came up with a real perler..put the thing on the windscreen just like a car..but even thoug it will fit under the very small z1000 windscreen..its pretty much unreadable becuase of the very dark tint..

    For now its in the boot (which on the new z1000 is about only big enough to fit a rego placard and thats no exageration)..

    since I dont commute and will rarely if ever be leaving the bike "alone" is this ok?...or does the rego sticker really need to be 'on display"..

    I have also seen those clear cylinders for this purpose and guess they may be an answer..

    Any info appreciated

  2. It does need to be on display....the victorians on the board will tell you the chance of a fine.

    On the chain guard is my favourite position for it.
  3. I put the sticker holder behind the rearset. It's out of the way but yet full readable within close distance.
  4. i have mine in a ziplock bag under the pillion seat too, but i've been lucky, i've NEVER been pulled over on the bike *touch wood*
  5. Dealer bolted mine to the rego plate too.
    I've now got mine in a tube mounted under the rego plate.
    Depends on who pulls you up if you get done for it though, not really legal!

    Can't put it on the chainguard, the bolt's behind the exhaust!

    The "boot" isn't that small,,,I managed to squeeze in a Leatherman & a pressure guage in mine!! :rofl:
  6. I cant figure out how to open my rego tube to get my new bloody sticker into it :D i dont know what the issue is with rego holders hanging under the plate... on the ninjette at least it takes attention away from the ****ing ugly fender on it.
  7. Wear it as a necklace?

    Seriously though, I've seen different spots that people put their stickers. But, is there a 'proper' position? Left/right front/back of bike, certain height off ground etc???

    Or does it just have to be visable & readable ANYWHERE on the bike?
  8. must be visible and readable, as streetmaster mentions, depends who pulls you over if you have 'tube' only as they are deemed 'illegal' dont ask why.
    I was 'scanned' by a solo and a quick 'few second' pasue on my left, noted he was doing a quick check on radio and moved on, if the tube was there, I am certain I'd be pulled over. Depends if you want to be stopped or not..
  9. Where it needs to be depends on the state you are in. NSW is "adjacent" to the number plate according to the rta website though other states are different.

    There is definitely a case to be made for using the flat holder next to the ensure that you get the least attention from the pigs.
  10. my old man got done for having his down near the driveshaft on his FJR1300 so he placed it in a rego tube underneath the plate. he got pulled up again for RBT and they mentioned they are not allowed and they suggest he change it back to the clear square holder and place it on the back mounted to the rego plate.. he got off on a warning
  11. Ah, one of the (few) benefits of living in SA... no rego stickers any more :)
    They stopped using them in July this year and I haven't read of any problems so far. Saving the govt a few bucks, so might happen in other states eventually.
  12. #12 lui, Dec 1, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 24, 2015
    WA started it first, no more rego labels. NSW not sure when if ever.
  13. As Vertical C said it varies from state to state. But with exception of WA to be legal they must be displayed and readable in accordance with the rules of that state. If they aren't you risk prosecution.

    If a a cop wants to book you then not complying is simply giving one more thing you can be booked with. Usually this is not rigidly enforced but having it out of sight completely may be strectching the limits the copper is prepared to go to.

    But at the end of the day it's your call.
  14. Under the seat on the CBR. I turned that bloody place card upside down, back to front and any which way trying to find a safe, secure, easy to read yet out of the way location to keep it and I gave up in the end. I chucked it under the seat and that's where it's staying for now.
  15. Yep
    Currently WA and SA don't require them and NSW is in the process of falling into line.
    Haven't heard anything from NT, TAS or QLD as yet..

    But in VIC, VicPol are insisting we keep it as they believe it's a useful tool when really wanting to pin someone for something.
    And although it's not really needed, they believe it's in the interest of safety when they can't find anything else to pin you for.8-[8-[
  16. I got pulled over once between Colac and Geelong about 2 months ago. Not even a word about the tube from the cop who pulled me up, he just had a look and was happy it matched the numberplates.
  17. get pulled over 20-30 times a year (ride everyday).
    Have had the rego label under the seat since the first week.
    Broke the holder, added some duct tape, and the explanation has satisfied every copper so far in SA, Vic, NSW, and QLD that has pulled me over.

    Having said that, they can type in the rego number and have all the info in their car quicker than I can slow down and open the seat.

    bloody computers!.
  18. Not only that but some recent feedback was that tubes are definitely illegal.

    Again most cops won't worry but if they want to give a ticket it is one more option they have if you use a tube.
  19. I did another look around..its still under the seat for now but I was temped to:

    peel the 2 sticker bits off that have the info on them and just re-stick them on the underside of the seat but decided against it..

    Also think I could unscrew the reflector on the front fork and put it there but would look pretty crap..
  20. I hope to God rego stickers don't get removed from Vic roads. Here's why!

    A few months back I was hit by some f*ckwit while driving my cage. He was acting weird as hell and when he became uncooperative I said I'd call the police and have them sort it out. He jumped in his car and bolted, but not before I could grab the rego off the windscreen sticker. The plates were stolen so when the police checked the rego from the sticker, they went round the blokes house and found the car in a garage under a tarp with the front end smashed in and plenty of my paint on it. Suffice to say he was charged by the fuzz, I got a new rear bar + boot + spoiler + tow kit and my insurance company will hound him down until he pays. Not my problem anymore!

    On the bike though, the previous owner had the rego sticker under the seat. I went round to a Kwaka dealer and got a plastic holder and bolted it to the chain guard. No problems with the fuzz so far.