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Rego Sticker Holder

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Tribos, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. Hi

    I saw a bike in the city a few weeks ago and it had a really tidy rego sticker holder. Basically it was a tube that the sticker rolled up into. It was easy enough to see the whole of the sticker by rotating the holder. This was mounted below the number plate by two fat o-rings and a custom bracket - looked much better than the common plastic covers.

    Question is, does anyone know if these are legal and where to get them from? I've tried searching but without much luck ](*,)



  2. Yeah, seen them, too. I'm happy with the standard holder, but I've got mine mounted on the LHS of the bike, on the chain guard, instead of under my plate. Much neater.
  3. I've seen them at Peter Stevens in the city, and a few other bike shops as well.
  4. Yep that is exactly it - thanks yian

    Glad to hear Peter Stevens might have them - need to return my visor there... (its 4 months old, film coming off - hope they dont fuss) - thanks Caz
  5. Totally agree, much neater on the side - but mine leaks water, and... Anyway I reckon the cylinder holder looks bestest :grin:

    But I suppose I should ask the question - are there any other funky rego sticker holder designs that are out there??

  6. tribos
    there are a couple available
    aus street fighters have 2 on there website made from billet alluminium. either in black or silver. standard or illuminated and will deliver to your door. they are more expensive but much sturdier. bike biz have the plastic versions again will deliver to your door not available illuminated but only cost about $20
    Yes they are legal.
  7. What about a flash, chrome one for US$30?? Link to site.

  8. Bike biz has it, search for "rego".
  9. A Mirror chrome number plate holder might be good for those nasty flashing lights :wink:
  10. Thanks Quik Blat - will give it a shot, glad to hear they are legal!

    Cheers Black Jacket :grin:

    Thanks Cookeetree - anything more suited to the CBR? No seriously thanks :wink:
  11. I picked up one of those tube holders today.....it looks so much better than the huge old hunk of plastic that the bike had originally......and it was only $10! bargain! :cool:
  12. I've got one of the Au streetfighter one, I've seen the plastic ones, they don't look of a very good quality to me.

    And make sure if you buy one it spins, and some cops will try to tell you they're illegal.
  13. Sweet - are you gonna post a pic!?
  14. Spoke to a guy the other day after a ride and he was warned that the tubes are illegal in NSW at least. Can't confirm or deny the validity of the info though?? :)
  15. Hmm - Assuming they are illegal in NSW, would it be OK if the bike had VIC rego? I guess it must be... were there any specific grounds on which they were supposed to be illegal?

    It was probably only a warning because the cop was clueless?
  16. You may be right there Tribos... can't answer the legal standpoint on this one though...it was just bought up by this guy who was riding a brand new R1 who told me about it... cause he was contemplating getting one but changed his mind. I think he was talking about someone else receiving the warning. It came about because I have mine on the side of the bike :)
  17. From the RTA website...

    Not much help but i will keep searching as I use a rego tube....
  18. Read the RTA info on rego labels NSW.
    Where on my vehicle should I stick the rego label?

    The label should be stuck on the inside of the lower-left portion of the front windscreen or on a fixed glass panel on the left-hand side of your vehicle.

    For caravans and other trailers with a rear facing window, the label may be stuck on the inside of that window in a position as close as possible to the number plate. Hinged windows displaying a rego label must be closed while the vehicle is being towed.

    For any other vehicles, the label should be affixed on or adjacent to the vehicle’s rear number plate without obscuring the vehicle’s number plate characters.

    Suitable label holders may be purchased from most automotive retail suppliers.

    Points I notices are ,it don't say the sticker had to be flat or be able to be read from a distance ,like with a number plate .SEE BELOW link last paragraph.

    It said the rego label should fixed to the plate .
    It should not obscure the plate.
    "Suitable " label holders may be purchased from automotive retail stores.

    Like Tanya said ,as long are you get the one that spins ,and the cop can clearly read it .
    I think it would be ok and hard for the cops to book you ,when you tell them it does all of the things the RTA said it should.