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VIC Rego renewal increases

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by johnbl, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. Apologies is this issue has been raised already, but I did a search and couldn't find anything recent.

    My rego renewal is due at the end of October. I'll be renewing the rego for the same bike, at the same address as last year. Here's the cost:

    2011: $513
    2012: $602

    By my maths, that's a whopping $89 more in the space of just one year - over 17% increase.

    If the rego continues to increase at this 17% rate, then (again, by my maths) next year the renewal for the same bike will be $704, then the year after $823, then $963 and then $1126!

    Is this a mistake or did I somehow miss the memo about huge rego increases this year?
  2. I've got 2 bikes and a car due in the next month or 2.... a bit scared now....
  3. Mine's about 550 in Tas IIRC
  4. $541 for my 1010 ZX6R

  5. I got the same bill in the mail.
  6. Mine was the same 2 mth ago
  7. I had to register my bike and car in a space of a week........my plans of registering my other two bikes went out the window after seeing the CTP and rego costs. Its like a runaway steam train how all these costs (electricity etc) keeps going up and up........while pay seems to keep at the same level or go backwards.

    I wouldnt mind all these costs going up if my pay went up at the same rate.........I guess the big end of town is laughing themselves all the way to the bank, at our expense. Maybe one day Gina Rinehart will get her wish, when billionaires get richer and average Joe's like us work for $2 an hour.........
  8. first bike will be $602, 2nd and more will be $536.. This is for > 500cc only

    Gotta love the bike levy :(
  9. Christ in a cartoon. I really wish I could opt out of TAC coverage.
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  10. Not a bike but I got my bill for rego for the car a week ago, $700, nearly cried
  11. No kidding. I don't have my bill on me but from memory, less than $100 out of that $602 was for actual registration, the rest was TAC.
  12. Be a while till I get the bike one but just got the car -

    Registration fee $232.30
    TAC ( including $38.36 GST ). $422.00
    Insurance duty $42.20

    Total $696.50

    So not only is the TAC charge by far the majority you also have the pleasure of paying 10% duty on it as well as the 10% GST.

    Like the fact that you pay the duty on the GST as well.

    Okay we need to get a political party started, can I suggest the upper house as the place to start as then riders from all over Vic can vote for it rather than limited to just one seat in the lower house.

    I really am starting to become very tied of being fvcked over.

    Cheers Jeremy
  13. Yes Victoria " I just despair .......
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  14. as Jem pointed out, it's not the rego that's gone up by 17%. It's the TAC. Gotta recoup that $1b in bad investments somehow
  15. You all know someone that lives in rural victoria right?

    my rego changed from metro to rural melbourne, saved approx $150.
  16. It's just such a load of shit, I'm so tired of paying for shit I neither need or want. It's like stamp duty on car sales and all this sort of shit, it's my ****ing property, why am I paying you for the privelage of owning it. The whole thing should be goddamned illegal
  17. Technically you can own it without paying stamp duty or rego.
  18. Got mine the other day, what really burns is they call it a registration charge, it should be called "Bloody Great Big Insurance Charge with A Small Registration & Admin Fee".

    & yesterday I got a staggering electricity bill that is more than my rego :shock: & it's due at the same time :nopity:

    That reminds, me better call the leckky mob.