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Rego Problems please help me T_T [victoria]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by destroyer5787, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. Gday guys,

    I hope this is in the right sub forum, i wasnt sure it would fit in legal one...

    I recently bought a cbr off a guy, who didnt have the bike registered in his name, its not stolen or financed.. i did that check....i bought it without rwc, but i have the plates... the reg ran out about 2 weeks ago but as far as i know it can be transferred because the current reg can be re-registered if less than 3 months out of reg????,

    He got me a transfer form for the rego from the guy he bought it off but the date of sale is novembre 2007, with the other details blank...to get it registered i have to take it in for a roadworthy, i weighed up the costs, to get it re-registered as an unregistered vehicle will cost me $750 not including the $60 for rwc compared to $500 if the rego can be transferred to me and $60 for rwc...

    I hope i have made this clear...

    basically the bike is out of reg, as far i as know it can be renewed within 3 months without this cost.. i want to know if this privlege also transfers to me when i bought the bike...

    cheers guys

  2. So have the bike reregistered in the original owners name and then tranfer it when he provides a RWC with the bike.

    If you don't have a RWC then there is no rego on the bike at the point of sale and must go through the re-registration process.
  3. As Vic says, no RWC then the plates required to be handed in by the owner, and you, as the buyer, have to go through the re-reg process.

    Your best bet is to call Vicroads or look up the details on the website.

    Whatever, you need to get an RWC for the rego process to be transfered. And it sounds like that the bike will still be in the first guy's name if the forms haven't been submitted to VR. You're best off talking to him first. Otherwise, if he won't help you're stuck with an un-reg bike and the process that entails it getting on the road.

    Hope you got it cheap.

    More info here:

    http://snipurl.com/248pl [www_vicroads_vic_gov_au]
  4. +1
    If a RWC is not possible ( could be short of $$ ) and to avoid re- registration, just pay up the reg ( as vic said ). Fill out transfer without supplying an RWC, ( tick RWC supplied) KEEP the plates. VicRoads will send you out notification in the mail asking you to supply an RWC within 14 days. ( This is unofficially (accepted) EDIT: tolerated ... :-$
    Don't sign transfer papers with date of sale NOV 2007. You may be liable for unpaid fines! :shock:
  5. AFAIK, the three month rule only applies to the owner regegistering their own vehicle. I have a good friend who was rear ended by some speeding moron at the lights (3 car pileup), and meanwhile her rego ran out, and so while the insurance farks her around and decides if it's a repair-or-payout, she has three months to reregister if they decide to repair it (no point paying if it's not going back on the road)
  6. If she pays the rego renewal and they write the vehicle off then there will be a pro-rata refund. It'd be much easier to do that than have to take the insurer to VCAT or further if they played hard ball because the owner fails to renew the rego.