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VIC rego - no motorcycle specific charge???

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by spenaroo, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. just got my rego nenewel a few days ago and looked at the brek-up of charges

    $45.30 registration fee
    $264.00 TAC charge
    $26.40 insurance duty

    total of $335.70

    and in fine print down the bottom
    **no charge for motorcycle safety initiatives

    ..... does this mean they have finally taken out that motorcycle safety council fee??? as last time it was all done through the bike shop, and i dont have the paperwork with me (well i do but its put away safe somewhere, where i dont know)
  2. Huh? I paid my rego a few months back and it was nearly $600. Why is yours so cheap?
  3. Same :(
  4. Rego Fee $45-30
    Tac Charge (Inc $39-64 GST) $436-00
    Insurance Duty. $ 43-60

    I am even further from the city than you, So why so cheap.
    Do you get a pensioner discount.
  5. A. Is your bike less than 125cc?

    B. Do you own a second bike that is registered in your name?

    Answers to both of the above will aid us in giving you an answer to this.
  6. Do you get cheaper Rego with two bikes in your name,
  7. i have a second bike in my name, but this is the first one to be put in my name,
    its a vtr250 (1999, but according to the rego notice 2009)

    and no to the pensioners im 20,
    and i dont have a centrelink card.
  8. There are plenty of 20 year old pensioners,

    Heathers 250 Cruiser was $380-50 last year,
    250's must be cheaper.
  9. You only pay the TAC fee on one registered bike.
  10. if the beaurocracy can manage that (I assume you mean the levy) then why can't they understand that I also have a car registered in my name and can't drive both at once?
  11. TAC isnt that the bulk of this rego (wouldnt that make my other bikes rego 100ish, cause i remeber it bieng more then that)
  12. You only pay the motorcycle levy on one registered bike, you pay the TAC fee on all vehicles. 250's are a lot cheaper to register, mine's about $330 also.
  13. Mine was $38.30 registration + $354.20 insurance for a GS500F.

    By contrast the cage was $191.60 registration + $402.60 insurance.

    There's a jump in the rates for bikes over 500cc.