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VIC Rego labels abolished 01/01/2014

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by dima, Sep 7, 2013.

  1. From 01/01/2014 the rego sticker will no longer be required as far as I know.

    So legally we should still have it. But what the consequences would be for removing it now? Is it a small fine?

    Would cops really bother checking it even though we won't have it in a few months?

    Discuss please.
  2. I think it will depend on whether you pass the attitude test. If a cop pulls you over they have probably already checked you rego on the computer so they know if your registration is paid or not. The sticker is pretty much irrelevant these days. However the law is the law and if the cop really wants to nail you for something you could get a fine.

    I really think it will depend on what you have been stopped for and the discretion of the cop involved. I once asked a cop his attitude to rego lables and he said he would not book someone if they could produce the label even if it was not properly displayed (ie stored under the seat). But that is just one cops opinion, so as I said at the start.. you probably have to pass the attitude test first...even then there are no guarantees
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  3. Cheers John. Yeah, that makes sense.
    Do you know what sort if fine there is for not displaying the sticker (but maybe caring as you suggested)?
  4. 3 penalty units: $433

    Sect 53 Road Safety Regulations 2009.

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  5. ^^^ fcuk me dead! That's a tad disproportionate to the 'crime'
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  6. ^ Easy revenue
  7. I took delivery of a new bike a few weeks ago with the rego sticker under the seat "because you don't need to attach them any more." Three penalty units if a cop dislikes me? I guess I'm going to attach it.
  8. That's an epic penalty for the crime.
  9. Like everything in vic of course it is. Revenue stream must flow with a colour of gold in vic.
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  10. If you have an overlap in rego....ie: you renew in December 2013, I believe you must display it until the rego is due again.

    On another note: I believe there is a fine (NSW) for failing to remove an old rego label. I bloke my missus works with got a $93 fine for failing to remove a rego label; even though he said he'd left it there as a reminder when his rego is due, now labels are a thing of the past.
  11. Low-level speeding is also a minor offence with stiff penalties. Why is that? Have no idea what the reasoning is with not displaying a registration label though.

    Immediate reaction would have been: "If a registration sticker does not need to be attached, why have them?"

    Salespersons sell, that's it. Don't expect any more from them.

    Find out how long ago the fine was issued.

    Since 01/01/2013, displaying an expired registration label has not been an offence in NSW.

    It is an offence in Qld and NT ($40)

    eg. Traffic Regulations 26.

  12. if its still required till next year.... then common sense would dictate to leave it on until it is no longer required.

    save yourself the grief and leave it on for another few months.
  13. they should totally get rid of that law :facepalm:
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  14. I'll be surprised if it's not repealed within 2 years, astonished if not within 3.

  15. Sect 50 - Penalty for displaying false number plates, or having no number plates at all = $289

    Sect 55 - Penalty for not displaying a stupid little sticker on a registered vehicle = $433

    Seriously ???
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  16. You have not provided the full penalty for s 55.

    Given the choice, I'd rather pay $433 with no demerits points than save $144 but lose 3 points off the license.

    One demerit point is worth a lot more than $48.

  17. Forgetting fine. The 3 demerit points for the sticker. Seriously?! Same as running red light!

    I'm going to wrap the sticker around the fork so it is displayed but not hanging from the ass as a hemorrhoid.

    That surely can't be fined. Or even that is "illegal"??
  18. I can't believe they want $433 for not displaying a meaningless sticker (you could put the sticker on without paying the rego)

    That is just batshit crazy.

    The 3 demerits are for driving with no license plates or false plates, no demerits for the sticker, just an obnoxiously large fine.
  19. Who said it was 3 demerit points for displaying an expired label? If you are referring to #17, you've not read the post correctly.

    Displaying expired label = $433 fine
    Displaying false plates etc = $289 fine, 3 demerit points

    Putting the label around your fork will still get you fined so you may as well leave it at home. Where you can fit a label is legislated.

    Refer to #4.

    Well believe this: Your fine has just increased to $722.