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Rego label

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by dezmonster, Oct 11, 2009.

  1. Just been reading below about fender removal and it got me thinking about rego labels and where they are legal to display on your bike .
    What is the law on the positioning on a motorbike?

  2. AFAIK, adjacent to the number plate.

    Rego Tubes do a nice job of tidying up the rear - need to have all details visible though ;)
  3. Mmm, I have mine on the left side of the bike, which I think is required, and down on the swingarm...

    The Rider's Handbook http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/licensing/downloads/motorcycle_riders_handbook.pdf Page 73 talks about the positioning and not obscuring the NUMBER PLATE, but nothing that I can find about the rego label, except that you are not to allow IT to obscure the number plate....
  4. Adjacent to the number plate, or on the left hand side are legal.
    This is for the safety of the parking inspectors that bust you.
  5. But I carry mine under my seat, because I'm a bad-arse.
  6. mines in my pocket.
  7. In Victoria, you are required to display the label on one of:

    Left side of the bike
    Left handlebar
    Front of the bike between headlight and fender (!)

    The law is changing soon to allow placement adjacent to the numberplate
    on the rear, but it's technically not allowed YET.

    There is more information and a link to the actual legislation, in the
    "Politics and Laws" forum here, do a search there on "rego label".
  8. The left side of the swing arm for the Bandit. The RF900R was under the seat.
    I saw an R6 last week with the number plate and reg label mounted between the rear wheel and the mono shock.
    Good place to hide them from the "safety" cameras but I reckon he's sure to be busted for it.
  9. mine is under the seat. not sure if it's legal or not, but after having one rego tag holder come loose and fall off, i've decided to put it under the seat. scary thing is i dont know exactly when it fell off, so i could have ridden for weeks without knowing.

    the bike is registered, and i can pop off the pillion seat in seconds to expose the rego tag to prove it.
  10. It's gotta be visible for plod to see if you're not around.

    There are variations on the tube theme on eBay for half that much.
  11. I had mine under the seat and was pulled over by highway patrol just after some traffic lights. He asked me why it was under my seat and I replied that rocks hit it, and put holes straight through the label making it unreadable

    He demanded it be mounted on the bike immediatly or he was going to fine me, I tried to mount it to a point on the left side of the bike, he came back out of the car, and said in no uncertain terms if it wasnt mounted on the back of the bike within 5minutes he was writing out a ticket!

    Thankfully I had a couple of spare nuts/bolts in the toolkit and was able to keep him happy. Dunno about the legallity of it all but thats my experience in NSW
  12. ... and if its blocking the license plate its a $117 dollar fine and 3 demerit points in VIC as I found out just before the Xmas grab for cash by the VIC police.
  13. OUCH

    in good news tho , WA has done away with rego stickers for cars and bikes this year , given that all those that need the info can obtain it via your plate and the computers they carry.

    I would think its only a matter of time before it goes national.
  14. In Victoria:

    Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 2009 (PDF)

    Section 52:

    A registration label for a vehicle must be affixed
    so that—

    (a) it is clearly visible from a distance of
    5 metres from the vehicle; and

    (b) the information on the label is readable from
    outside the vehicle.

    and Section 53:

    (c) in the case of a motor cycle, in a suitable

    (i) to the left side of the motor cycle so
    that the front of the label faces
    outwards from the motor cycle; or

    (ii) to the handlebar on the left side of the
    motor cycle so that the front of the label
    faces the front of the motor cycle; or

    (iii) to the centre of the front of the motor
    cycle in a position as near as
    practicable to the top of the steering
    head so that the front of the label faces
    towards the front of the motor cycle; or

    (iv) on or adjacent to the motor cycle's
    number plate in a way that the
    characters on the number plate are not
  15. Yeah, got mine attached to my swing arm on one of the chain guard mounts, and that's how it came out of the dealership. But with fender eliminators, you got other legal concerns, with the big one (at least in QLD) is that a guard is required 45deg from the rear axle.