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Rego label holders

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Mactype, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. Need to put my new rego label on and dislike the square plastic thing currently in use.

    Are the tube type holders ok to use in NSW? Had a look on the RTA website, and it just says you should affix the label near the numberplate in a suitable holder.
  2. As long as you can see all of the label, and it is displayed in the correct position.... its ok..
  3. AFAIK they're technically illegal (well the tube one I brought from MCAS was any way), even the bloke who I asked the question to said they were illegal. That being said I got pulled over about two months ago and the cop didn't say anything about it.
  4. Ive always thought there were OK going by what the RTA says but plods and other riders seem to think that the tube ones arent legal...........................I had a pen rego holder that I was particularly proud of at one stage lol.................

    Just be done with it, go to the caravan section of Supercheap and pick up a metal caravan/trailer rego holder. Its more solid and looks better than the plastic holder.
  5. or just keep one of those plastic ones under the seat and if the cop asks say you were just at X store and waiting to get home because I need tools to put it on ;)
  6. my traditional flat platic one died after 5 years of being attached to the swingarm in the approved position (cheap Chinese plastic junk :LOL: :evil:) so I bought one of the tubular ones and have it attached below my number plate. the month of expiry is visible, so I guess I won't know if it's legal or not until (if) I get pulled over.

    having said that, the only time I HAVE been pulled over the Policeman didn't even look at the label......
  7. The legality of the rego tubes was questioned by one of our NR members to a policeman who came around for a visit on our Satruday session.

    His reply was 'They are Illegal' BUT if a cop decides to fine you or not, depends on him. Technically the the rego & the expiry date should be visible at all time.
  8. You need to be in SA, we dont need rego stickers anymore, another way they are trying to save money i guess
  9. I wish that would happen in Vic.
  10. I think i need the stickers, otherwise id forget to pay the thing, also i have 2 cars, 2 bikes and a trailer to rego, its hard to keep track!
  11. We can check all the expiry dates online, they also send a payment letter as per usual.
  12. unsure if the copper was just being a prick on this day but i got defected for this.. aswell as other things.. maybe he got me for that seeing he was getting me for other things.. unsure..
  13. I get two years out of mine. One for each face. I turn it over the following year, then replace it with a new one and sticker for year 3. I have quite a collection of double-sided labels in my shed, what with 4 bikes to register :(

    About $2 each at bursons

  14. i got pulled over by the cops this morning for a RBT, They 1st asked how big is the bike ? & upon telling them that its just a 125 LAMS the cops didn't believe me, he actually checked the sticker & again called his radio to find out if its LAM. Also they had a good look at the bike & looked at the rego. tube.....They checked the validity & let me off. So I think its legal to put the tubes on..

  15. RS125? I wouldn't believe you either, you must admit they don't look like the traditional LAMS bike.
  16. ding ding ding...
    sorry, couldn't resist :D
  17. Just recived new sticker in QLD and for motorcycle label positon it reads:

  18. Can you guys take some pics of where you put your rego stickers? Getting a FE seems like a waste of time when I still have that ugly rego sticker hanging off my licence plate..
  19. I went for an overnighter down Port Campbell way this weekend and needed to take my seat cowl off and put the pillion seat on for my Kriega bag and noticed my rego label under the seat. I've been riding since I bought the bike without it on display and never even noticed. So I was thinking about the cylindrical holders but looks like I'll have to find somewhere else to place it.