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QLD Rego Label Holders - Legality

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by matlennon, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. So i had your friendly motorcycle copper ride beside me and inform me that i should be getting an $80 fine for using a cylindrical rego label holder. I cant find anything saying that its illegal, but if i could i would just go back to the motorcycle shop who sold the bike with it attached and swap it over.

    Anyone been caught out with something similar. Any advice?

  2. ITs now written on the rear of the paper you rego sticker comes on.

    The exact wording:

    A label inside a cylindrical label holder does not meet the visibility requirements.
  3. Hah, was not aware of that. Thanks for the heads-up.
  4. Can you stick it to the outside??
  5. gotta be on a flat surface, so readable when standing a couple of metres back from the bike.
  6. I've got a rego tube and I also keep one of those standard ones in my tyre repair hit just in case, and if the day arises that the copper says something about it I'll just say that I brought one today and going to put it on when I get home. Not sure if it'll work but I like my rego tube.
  7. bwahaha! bloody awesome idea :D
  8. Im from NSW and ive been using a Staedtler Pen casing as my rego holder and attached it very securely using a screw hose clamp and two zip ties. Im sick and tired of my rego holder flying away or getting knocked off from the bike and instead of using some weak ass rego holder ive pretty much resorted to over the top backyard engineering lol.......this sucker isnt gonna fly off any time soon, it wont even budge if you try to pull it off.

    Backyard rego holder

    What my NSW rego paper says.........technically what ive done is legal since they (as far as I know) havent specified how or what a rego holder must be.
  9. I think that you will find that the information on the rego papers is not the only legal requirement.
  10. Im not emotionally attached to the tube. So i think ill replace it. I was just peeved it came with a near brand new bike so i assumed it was legal. I dont have the rego papers the label came on as it was on the bike but ill just replace it. If its on the rego paperworkl ill just call qld transport tomorrow.
  11. He was right, it is not legal.
  12. found this on another forum

  13. I keep mine in a standard rego holder in the tail of the bike with 'broken' mount hole so i just say it snapped off when riding and will get a new one when i get back.
  14. I shall pray tonight for the poor soul of the thousands of kittens needlessly slain by my indiscretions over the last few months.
  15. If those documents exists for NSW then they are hiding it pretty well :). The RTA has tacked this on though "Please note that the holder should not obscure the label in any way".....again legally the holder isnt obscuring the label, it doesnt say anything about the infos in the label.

    Ive got another label holder on the other bike if I need but would much prefer to have my back yard jobbie :)....that is unless I can see a section of the legislation saying its illegal.....ive been looking around but having no luck.

    As for our QLDer buddies.......it does say this and im afraid it would be a no go.

  16. It doesn't say why it does not meet the visibility requirments. It does state it needs to be visible through a clear section of the holder which the tube holder complies with. Sounds like a bunch of STTF coppers had a whinge so they added the last sentence without any actual proper regulation to back it up/
  17. Thanks Azn. Much appreciated.
  18. damn, azn cruiser!

    if a copper saw that, he'd give you a fine just for wasting his time.
  19. Just warning you mate. There is a section of the NSW Road Rules (I am sure if you google it you will find them) that says something similar to the QLD rules posted above.

    NSW coppers don't seem to be as interested in fining people for tubes as QLD so the recommendation not to use tubes has not made it to NSW rego papers.

    Up to you if you want to run it, just warning you that the rego papers won't stand up in court. Make sure you comply with the actual rule if you want to avoid the fine and stick it to the cop. Its only a small fine so maybe its worth the risk.
  20. Have a look at your pic of your rego paper again. Just a couple of lines above what you underlined there is this.

    "The details of the label are not to be obscured."

    As far as your pen idea goes, I would think the details are obscured. Don't know about the tubes though.