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rego label holder

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by stusixtysix, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. just got to work and noticed mine has fallen off :mad: it was one of those clear plastic things bolted to the bottom of the number plate. Guess now I'll be up for a replacement label (fee) and have to find a more secure location. Anyone got a better suggestion for the best place and method to affix?

    ...what are the legalities of riding with no label in NSW?...

    "I swear officer, it was there when I left home..."

    "ah geez, not AGAIN, I only just replaced it..." etc etc
  2. In all the years that I've been riding, I've never lost a rego label holder yet.

    What are you folks using to mount them, blue tac????
  3. +1

    Number plates, yes, but only due to...ummm...overextended mono's :LOL: But I've never attached a rego label to a number plate...they've either been to front forks or the frame of the bike.
  4. mine was bolted at the bottom of the number plate by the bike shop; think I'll be fixing it somewhere else on the frame now. $18 for a new label...
  5. Seen the rego tube holders that are in the store?
  6. These ones?


  7. well I ordered one of those tube holders. Thanks vic! I can remember having nothin but trouble with the old flat plastic ones years ago. course I was a lot less careful then... now off to the rta. again.

  8. Mine is attached in a location on the chain guard I think? So its on the side of the bike against the rear swingarm.
  9. I used to have mine on the chainguard but it started scratching off the paint so now it's sitting under the passenger seat. I've been meaning to get one of those tubular holders for a while now
  10. Mine is kept under my seat. It was like that when i bought it. I got pulled over last week and the cop didn't say there was anything wrong with that.
  11. mine is in my wallet.
    it never falls off, even at 250kmh.
  12. didn't someone here get booked or spoken to by the fuzz for having their rego sticker in that particular location? something along the lines of that it must me in a position that is easy to view or something or other... :?:
  13. Mine also fell off! And I have no effing clue how, as it had one of those nuts with the nylon that's supposed to stop it shaking loose. Short of the actual label holder breaking I dunno.

    The label was free to replace and 8 bucks for a 'regular' holder...the tubes that I saw in the shop were $50-odd bucks?!?!?! Screw that.
  14. Couldnt have been bolted on too well if it came off.

    You should be checking all nuts/bolts/allen screws every coupla weeks

    NR Reg Tube Tip: Have a look at my one. The tube will move & eventually
    come off if you have the cable ties sticking out like in the photo. What I
    then did was tuck them in b/w the tube & chain guard & pull it thru. Have
    not had any probs with the tube out slipping sideways since.

    Once I fork out money to replace my f*cked up chain guard, I'll take the
    shit off my bike & buy a proper reg tube.

    :LOL: Bluesuade.

    Stu66 will find out soon enough :grin:
  15. twainharte the person reading it will have to bend down but it is visible. I bought the bike and it was in that location. Is there any proper place it must be fitted like in a car on the bottom left hand corner of your windscreen?
  16. Regulations specifically mention that location as one area to place the
    reg so you cant get booked for it. Its 100% legal.

    I had mine kept under the cowl as well & they didnt say anything, but
    you can still get fined for it because its not being displayed.
  17. QLD regs state that it must be "attached to a holder, on either the left side or rear of the motorcycle so that all particulars are visible from the outside of the bike through a clear section of the holder."

    Thats from the back of the notice that your sticker is attached to.

  18. The nylon 'broke' on mine where it was bolted to the rego plate, so I duct taped it to the bottom of the seat.

    So far, the three cops that have pulled me over have accepted that the holder is broken, and I can produce the label on demand.