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Rego Label gone

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Derat, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. Just noticed today, its gone.

    Not sure if its stolen, if it fell off (I wasn't going that fast... honest).

    It was there through the week, now its gone.

    Has this happened to anyone others? Is it common?

    Bought a new tube kind, and will get a replacement tomorrow. But, another interesting experience.
  2. i found mine the first time(It over-took me at the lights), second time I didn't bother, police asked, told em the truth, and they radio checked it all out.
  3. Loctite your nuts next time
  4. What state you from?

    Put it under your seat or something if you're from vic, or a state where you don't need to have it in view.

    I see a few bikes here (VIC) with it bolted behind the number plate (top of) and i have a mate who has his up under the frame of the bike, another behind the chain guard completely hidden.

    I'm thinking about putting mine in the garage.
  5. I reckon they're obsolete now anyway.

    In NSW at least, you can pay your rego on line so there's no receipt imprint - the police have to run a check anyway so what's the point anymore?

    Keeps people employed I suppose. :-s
  6. OP is from melbourne, it says so on their location :)
  7. The label no longer needs to be stamped as paid. We can pay ours online as well.
  8. I had to get a replacement for the car and good old qld transport sent me 3 for the bike and then 2 for the car - so i've got a few spare :p
  9. I lost mine somewhere around Maleny a couple of weeks back.

    I had it mounted to the swing-arm with a screw and some rubber grommets. I knew the plastic sandwich-dealie that was holding the label was brittle from the sun, but I thought it would be OK.

    So I guess at some stage, the hinged part has vibrated free and snapped off in the wind. About to go stick on my new one right now, a tube one too.
  10. haha! i finally got around getting a replacement today after losing it some mths ago. i'm assuming it just fell off after a spirited ride. the plastic holder was on its last legs anyway.

    $19 to replace it here in nsw.
  11. Mine's been kept in the glovebox in the fairing since the bike was new 3 years ago. I've been pulled over just once, for a "random" licence check, and the copper didn't even mention it.
  12. free to replace the rego label here in Qld :shock:

    I did the whole thing on the Queensland Transport website too :woot:
  13. Are you sure that's the case in Vic? I know a guy who got done for not having his displayed properly (in one of the tubes, tucked up under the frame) and they used it to throw the book at him even more after a speeding fine.

    Is it possible that it's something the cops aren't too worried about unless they're just hunting for something to book you for?

    Mine's under the seat and I've been meaning to find another spot for it, just haven't figured out where yet.
  14. Been pulled up for it before in the cage. Was at a breatho, last years tag on the screen, this years tag in the glovebox. Took my licence, radio'd it in, got back and let me go; no problems.
    My sister had the rego label stolen from the old chook chaser we used to have, while at uni; the thieving canuts snapped it out of the holder; apparantly, if it's that year's colour, they put in on their windscreens, and unless you actually check the rego, many coppers/councilmen/joe public look at the rego and see it's the current colour and assume "she'll be right."
  15. Was reading this thread earlier today and was like sh!t that would be annoying. Get home after work this arvo, wiping some dirt off near the chain and guess what - NO REGO STICKER. :) :) It was in one of those flat plastic holders and screwed to the swing arm. I took it off to clean the holder the other day but I must not of snapped it back together properly as it was kinda in two pieces. SHould've of just left it be.

    Anyone know how much to replace here in VIC?
  16. it's a $50 fine in vic if it's not on display. ask me how i know.....
  17. https://billing.vicroads.vic.gov.au/replacements/

  18. What crap advice!!!
    I tried this and it didn't stop me losing the rego label, and now I'm stuck to the bike seat.
  19. LOL! 10char
  20. I forgot to put mine on after I had the assembly off at a track day. I got done for something else and the cop didn't care, he just radioed it in to check. Another cop didn't notice.