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Rego/Insurance Cost

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by FOB, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. It cost me $15.00 for Registration - $627.65 for Insurance and $8.40 for Administration (??) Total $651.05 per year to keep my Yamaha XJR1300 on the road in the Northern Territory. I understand any bike over 250cc cost the same as mine but can't be 100% sure.

    I am interested to compare this cost with other States and Territories in Australia, are we been ripped off? or are some worse off than us?

    All feed back would be appreciated.
  2. Mine (Vic) is $405 for TAC (compulsory accident insurance), $40.50 for stamp duty, $32.10 for registration.

    I have comprehensive insurance as well which is another $750 odd.

    All up = try not to think about it.
    :evil: :evil: :evil:
  3. Im also in Vic, but my bike is a 250.

    I'm about to pay $357.70 total for registration, made up of
    $32.10 Registration Fee
    $29.60 Insurance Duty
    $296.00 TAC Premium (includes $26.90 GST)
    The total is said to include charge for motorcycle safety initiatives

    I also just paid around $650 for this years full comp insurance (was around $850 last year)

    All up total of around $1000, within a few years i will have repaid for the bike!!!

    '91 Across
  4. Glad u ask this question...as i got my car and bike rego notice today :(

    Living it Vic, here's some data for comparison

    Motorcycle (VT 250 Spada)
    Reg. fee: $31.10
    TAC Premium: $235
    Ins. Duty: $23.50

    Comp. insurance: $1k (Swann, under 25, finance)

    Car (93' Nissan Pulsar)
    Reg. fee: $160.50
    TAC Premium: $264
    Ins. Duty: 26.40

    Third-paty insurance: $260 (AAMI)

    Hope this helps.
  5. Here in the ACT the most expensive class is 251-600cc...go figure???

    It was $550ish from memory to insure a CBR600 and only $450 for the FireStorm.

    Back in Adelaide the CBR was 280ish....wasn't happy when I moved to Canberra :shock:

    All those include CTP.
  6. Just transferred the rego, so can't really tell, (most of the fee was stamp duty on the purchase price) but interested to know, so I looked up the TAS Dept of Transport ( http://www.transport.tas.gov.au/fees/calc4.html ) to get an idea... interesting that the change in rate happens at up to 100cc, not 250cc as I guessed.

    It'll cost me $487.40, $172.00 is MAIB (Motor Accident Investigation Board), $14.00 is "motor tax", and $52.40 for actual rego. (no different if I had a Triumph Rocket III with a bigger engine than my car !!!!)

    Car ('00 suby Liberty Wagon) is $503.40. $338.00 is MAIB, $100.00 is "Motor Tax", $65.40 is actual Rego.

    Dunno about insurance yet, as I'm waiting for the full licence, then I should be able to use my rating 1 for life on the car, + over 40 to keep the costs right down. Fully comp on the car is $375 a year.

    Hmmm, no tollways, no stupid front number plates being talked about, very few speed camera's setup to trap you, lot's of nice twisty roads, relatively cheap rego.... Tas is the place to ride a bike for sure!! 8)