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Rego-ing a repairable write off......

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by MADMIKE, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. Hi guys i got a bit of a problem..Ive looked everywhere and its stressin me out abit so i thought i would ask you guys...
    I bought a bike of a guy, yamaha R1 03 which he bought as a repairable write off from auction interstate and fixed himself..It just needed some new front fairings, headlight, tacho as the previous guy had staked doin a stoppie... Was lookin at the vic roads web site last week and it says u need a VIV.. and one of the points it says is u need a written diary and photos of the stages of repair.. Well the guy didnt do this, but he does have receipts for the work...Plus lookin at the fairings now i can see that some bolts are kinda missin under the tako fairings and it might be a bit of a home job....And it says for the VIV the bike has to be to manafacturers specs..although it looks all there im not sure...Do u guys think that not havin proof ie photos plus the faring bolts will be a problem...Has anyone had any experience with this VIV thingo..??? Im kinda lost atm....Any help would be much appreciated..

  2. I've only had experience with cages. The same is required before You present a car for VIV.
    You say he has all receipts?, then perhaps start stripping it, and take photos of the bike as you re-assemble the relevant components. This may get you through. If you have any of the old damaged parts .. a photo of this would also help.

    Good Luck.
    PS: not sure what a VIV for a bike costs, but the rate for cars is around $440 :shock:
  3. 440 sounds about right thats what it is in NSW
    also u have to remember the brain dead idiots dont know how badly the bike was damaged originaly so can tell em all it needed was a brake lver and new front fairing.

    BTW the 400$ is a complete rort costs nowhere near as much to do what they do
  4. Yehh was kinda hoping i wouldn't have to strip it cause im not to mechanically minded and dont wanna make a bigger mess of it..lol
    Probs cost a bit to get the mechanics to do it hey...??