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rego in vic

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by davey_charlie, May 24, 2010.

  1. i have recently bought a bike that was a repairable write off.
    the last owner bought it when it was freshly a repairable write off and repaired it. he rwc and viv'd it to get it on the road but after 12 months he let the rego run out.
    so i bought it with the expired rego, it still has the plates and rego sticker.
    does this mean that i will have to get a VIV inspection aswell to get it re-registered?:-s

  2. Moved from general to politics and the law
    Next time I'll just delete the post.
    In answer to your question you will need to ask at vic roads as it did need a viv inspection previously and the reg lapsed.
  3. turns out i do have to get a viv but i have no recipts for the fixed damage or photographs fuk!

    vic roads is saying it was written off in 2002 but has changed ownership twice since then without a viv
  4. Was it written off just before you bought it, ie on the current plates you have? Or just earlier & had been registered since?
  5. How did it change ownership previously, after the VIV was done, without having to get the VIV done again, but now it does?

    I am only guessing here, but I would have thought that Vicroads would have had the record of the VIV being done when it was first re-registered after being designated as a perairable write-off.

    How long has it been since the registration expired? If you still have the plates, and it has only expired by a short period of time, perhaps you could just pay the rego, and then transfer it in to your name?
  6. ok ive figured it all out, was a stuff up by vic roads.

    first person i talked to at vic roads said that the viv was not on record, so they said i had to call the viv inspection place and set up an inspection. i waited on the phone for 40 minutes and got onto the viv office. they were telling me what i need to supply for the viv (photograhs, recipts, vin on stripped bike etc) which i had none of, so i was sharting my pants at this stage.
    I called back vicroads to ask about what i can do because i had no recipts of photographs on the repaired damage, they transferred me to a 'specialist'. i told the specialist the rego/vin/ eng no etc and immediately he said it had a viv inspection in 2003!
    So he said all i need is a RWC thank fk!!

    very happy now :)
  7. Great result, I bet it was a relief!

    Makes sense though, why wouldn't they have the original VIV on file? Then again, making sense and Vicroads/government departments are often mutually exclusive.
  8. Big relief! I was going to be out of pocket another $500 for the viv, and I may not have even been able to rego because I had no proof of the work done.
    That's what I couldn't understand at the time how the bike had been transfered and re regoed without a viv after it being claimed as a rep write off
  9. Hmm, I can't understand this attitude? Why would NetRider moderators delete such posts in future just because they were posted in the wrong sub-forum, albeit inadvertently?