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Rego Holder

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Rokster, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. In one of the local bike magazines in the recent months was a bit about a tubular holder for your rego. Basically sits just below the numberplate, with your rego inside.. getting rid of that unsightly flat thing sticking out on the side...

    Now.. does anyone know perchance who sells this ?
  2. Im pretty positive you can get them from Austreetfighter.com.au.
    If i recall their not cheap though!
  3. Depending on where you are in sydney (now don't quote me on this) but surely MCAS will have them.
  4. Thanks... Never thought of MCAS... they're just a block away, so I'll pop over in lunch time.. otherwise do a quick trip to Bikebiz..
  5. When you do find out how much they are from MCAS can you post it up cos I might get one as well.
  6. In Victoria that tubular holder wouldn't be legal. I hate the basic flat plastic ones that seem to be the default, so I asked Vicroads about where the label needs to be fitted. They said:

    "Motor cycle
    Label must be in a suitable plastic holder mounted on the left side of the motor cycle , or to the left handlebar or the steering head so that the label faces forward."

    Not even allowed to put it at the back of the bike! Bummer. Ugly plastic thing stuck to the side on my bike. Of course, not sure I could find a good spot for it at the rear. Post a pic or two if you install one on your bike, so we can see how it looks.

    BTW, does the tube rotate so the whole label can be read? Otherwise it would definitely be illegal in Vic.
  7. Can't find it at MCAS, but bike biz has them for $27.00:


    Last time we discussed these there was discussion as to whether they were actually legal, I think the answer was yes, I'll see if I can dig up the relevant info...
  8. Taken from the Road Transport (Vehicle Registration) Regulation 1998

    It appears that motorcycles are "any other case". Doesn;'t say anything about being flat mounted or able to be read froma distance so I reckon they're fine...
  9. Just gave them all a call..

    MAW ( Which is actually the one just down the road ). $22, not in stock, should get them in a couple of days
    MCAS $24.95, not in stock, end of next week
    BikeBiz $26.95, in stock.

    According to the chap at BikeBiz, they are legal for use in NSW... as long as they are fixed next to/below the numberplate, and the whole of the rego is readable
  10. I have one purchased from http://www.austreetfighter.com.au/scart/html/261.html Expensive, but totally the goods. Made of steel and totally waterproof, and the cylinder spins so that the whole label can be viewed when necessary.

    You can just see it on the side of my bike. I took off the pillion pegs and used the bolt hole to attach the rego holder.


  11. Thanks for that Rokster. Yeah it might be time to get one. Although what type of "plastic" do you use to attach the rego sticker to that you can roll up?
  12. I just cut up some a4 plastic sheet stuff. You know the plastic display pocket thingies you put in folders?

    The Streetfighter holder comes with its own sheet anyway, but I had to change it when I got a new rego sticker with my new numberplate.
  13. wow, yeah they actually look quite tidy....

    why such a massive price difference between the ones in sydney and the ones on aussiestreet fighter :?

    does anyone have a pic of the ones at bikebiz (how they mount)
  14. "CNC machined from pure alloy billet (not cheap plastic!) and then anodised in either silver or black. With a 2mm thick perspex tube, the unit is sealed via an o-ring at each end - making it 100% waterproof. "

    I don't know whether the difference in cost is completely justified as I haven't seen the cheap versions, but I am more than happy with mine.
  15. The bikebiz ones look like a piece of rolled up plastic held on by hose clamps :sick:

    The austreetfighter ones are sealed, CNC machined alloy. :applause:

    If I were to display my rego, I'd have the street fighter one.
  16. A bit to much chrome for me. I don't think my bike needs that much Bling it already looks cool enough. :)