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Rego holder

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by lui, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. Where can you get rego holder the same size as NSW rego label (103mm x 72mm)? I got one from Supercheap but it's quite a bit larger than the label.

    I currently use a rego tube mounted below the plate, but I would like to change to a flat rego holder and mount it on the swing arm.
  2. why dont u mount the tube to the swingarm?
  3. It requires 2 mounting points (one at each end), there's no suitable location on the swing arm for both points.
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  6. Nah I need the plate surround as my plates split where it bolts on, to much G forces :)
  7. But Goz, where can you attach your L plate?
  8. Saw something different at work the other night. A mate laminated his rego label, punched two holes in the laminate, and will use two cable ties to affix it to the bike. Simple, cheap (cost nothing), waterproof and virtually vibration-proof. Only issue is whether the cable ties are UV stabilised or not.
  9. I wouldn't bother, shouldn't be too long where rego labels will not be required....
    They're already not required in WA..
    Cops get all details via their in car computers or radio because like here in VIC anyone can just peel off the rego and and use it without paying for it.

    It's one of those reasons they can pin you for because they can and no other practical reason.
  10. i keep mine on one of those plastic covers in the tail of the bike. have seen too many come off mates bikes then they get booked for not having a label at all
  11. blocka, here in Vic, you'll also get pinged for that. The reg clearly states that it has to be on the left side of the bike (and goes into other detail about it being affixed on the steering head-stem somewhere).

    So, whether you have it in your pocket, stowed in the tail or affixed to the number plate, Plod will see it as an offence.

    And yeah, they're pricks about it.

    To Joede, what you say is correct about not needing one, but there has been no noise here about dropping the requirement for it.

    I wonder, if a visitor from WA is booked in Vic, will they be pinged for no rego sticker?
  12. I have heard some whisper about it here would you believe from a cop!
    Got pulled over just for a check a couple of months ago.
    He walked around my bike and looked at rego which is on left in those typical ugly plastic holders.
    Due to water getting in there, its pretty smudged so as he was looking at it, I said to him "you gotta love the water proofing hey?"
    He answered " yeah they're crap but we knew the bike was yours before we got out of the car, probably do away with them soon".

    But you are right, come accross a prick, or be a prick, and it's another thing they'll pin you for.
  13. If the copper was implying that they're a waste of time, why then did he even bother to look at it, particularly as he had all of your details already?
  14. He probably hadn't decided if I was a prick or not yet.....
    After a breath test, nothing came of it and went on my merry way so that day I wasn't a prick I guess... lol
  15. Many years ago a mate and I were riding to work. He crested the rise of this street, copper waiting the other side pinged him.

    All I saw was the reflection of flashing red and blue beyond the rise.

    I was doing the limit so I was probably 100m behind him. Copper chased him and pulled him over. I rode past them and stopped up the road a bit to wait.

    The copper decides to have a chat with me. He accused me of speeding too. I denied it. In any case, I could've proved it if he decided to ping me too for speeding as by the time I crested the rise the copper was well on his way to chase the mate.

    Anyway, the mate got fined $80. He had a look at my bike. To my horror, utter shame and guilt, I discovered that the rego holder had broken off due to vibration or whatever.

    So, I had a choice - pay $45 for the broken rego holder or go halves in the mate's fine.

    I chose the latter, of course. I got let off $5 and I didn't attract points.

    Thing is, I don't know what the copper would've tried next if I did have the rego holder/label. And if the mate hadn't been speeding none of this would've happened in the first place.

    Since then, I've decided that if anyone who I'm riding with is pulled over, I'll keep going and meet them at the next town or wherever. So long as it's out of reach of the copper.
  16. mines in a tube on the swing arm... don't know if that's legal or not, don't really care either.
    it's like a billet aluminium bling thing, looks snazzy.