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Rego for warmer months

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bonkerrs, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. OK so I'm after some info for partial registration. Basically, just want to ride when it's warmer so looking to have the bike registered only 6 months of a year.

    Anyone do this? Any comments or advice?
  2. That's not allowed. Just sell your bike.
    From the official Netrider handbook, page 3, Rule 10: Riders who are only fair weather riders are not riders at all.
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  3. South Australia allows 3 months rego at a time. If we change to seasonal rego our car / bike can be unregistered for extended periods, without govco chasing us to return the plates.
  4. some people here in tassie do that, they register the bike for 6 months then let it lapse. the inspection etc when its ready to ride again costs like $100-$150 and you save $280 on rego costs, so its not exactly an awesome saving. And considering I have been riding at least once a week right through winter i dont really see the point! maybe if you lived somewhere that pissed down rain 6 months of the year?
  5. Is it really worth it? Seriously?
  6. Better to have it registered year round so if you get a nice day and an itch you can go.
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  7. You are in Sydney, if your bike is out of rego for 3 months, it is cancelled by the RMS, so you will need an AUVIS - Blueslip inspection, and that costs $50ish along with a new plate fee $20ish and then the hassle and that asumes your bike is <5 years old. If >5 years old it will need a Pinkslip at least annually in any case - rego retained or lapsed (less than 3 months).
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  8. "Parital" registration is not a thing in NSW. It's either registered or it isn't. End of story.

    Ok. I have 3 alternative pieces of advice.

    1. Invest in some decent winter gear, including thermals etc. Buy some heated hand grips. You can even get heated socks and vests now. Do this and ride in comfort all year round.
    2. Buy a bike that is 30 or more years old and put it on classic registration. You are limited to how often you can ride it, I think from memory it's around 50 times a year.
    2. Sell the bike and use the money to buy a better car.
  9. Yes, "Club" rego in NSW is good value as the current trial scheme stands. You are allowed 60 days per year (as recorded in a log book) PLUS any scheduled club events.

    You are required to be a financial member of an approved club and the bike must be at least 30 years old. My club has at least two club runs most weeks which potentially gives me over 150 days per year usage.

    There are some great older bikes to chose from and it is good to see them on the road still.
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  10. Absolutely there are.
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  11. Good lord. I hope the SA rego mob don't take after their NSW colleagues. I just rego a bike when I feel like it, online and no inspection, ever. They send a letter demanding their plates back after the rego's been lapsed for 90 days, but I've been ignoring that for 20 years.
  12. Agreed.

    Or if some prick decides to steal it during the 'off season'
    .........not that there is such a thing......
  13. Its better riding in winter. Too hot in summer to wear leathers.

  14. Theres a PDF you can download to show Roads and Maritime recognised historic vehicle clubs.
  15. Not if you wear a leather skirt.