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Rego costs in VIC.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Muffo, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. After doing a search i cant find much. I have just purchased a 89 cbr250r that im going to fix up, mainly just some cosmetic issues. I have been trying to find a rough guide to what rego will cost. I went onto the vicroads website and from what i can read its no different to a car, there for around 600 for a new rego. every1 that i talk to who used to ride bikes says it should be around 300. can some1 give me a rough idea please

  2. 13 11 71 will give you an exact amount.
    250 is cheaper (suburban) but there is not a great difference over 600 to a car :roll:
  3. Rego renewal on my last bike - a GS500F - was $414 from memory for the 09 financial year.

    If I recall correctly it was about $360 last year
  4. i have my rego sitting right in front of me.

    Rego 36.70
    tac 342.00
    insurance duty 34.20
    total: 412.90

    if the bike has no plates/rego:
    appointment & inspection fee: i think $33 buks
    stamp duty: depending on ur value
    plate fee: $30 ??

    + your roadworthy
  5. Ok thanks now i just gotta be stingy for the next few weeks to get it on the road