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NSW Rego costs for MBikes

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by zx9er, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. G'day,

    Regarding rego costs, not greenslips, I thought there was a flat rate in NSW regardless of engine size. Is this true? You would think the RTA would have to mention the registration costs somewhere on their website but I couldn't find it anywhere.

    In particular I'm wondering if a little 125cc is going to be dirt cheap. The greenslip is at $89 for the year, however is the rego still going to be around the $117 mark, (guesstimate), that my 900 was?
  2. I fond it in three clicks from the home page


    click registrations in the navigation bar.

    click fees and concessions from the sub menu

    click Typical registration costs

    In nsw registration fees are fixed the tax is based on weight, and it is a flat fee for all motorcycles.

    I see you are a glass half empty kinda person... perhaps your 900 cost the same as a 125cc scoot to register...
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  3. Haha, Cheers for finding it. Glass half empty... Maybe I just find the idea of "compulsory greenslips" with "cumpulsory levies" that are pushing greenslip prices towards $900 for cars and some bikes which are only making insurance companies and lawyers rich a joke. The fact that I'm considering squeezing my 93 kilo 6'2" frame onto a 125cc bike because I can't afford to keep a 900cc registered is outrageous. breath... breath.... breath.... ok rant over. Motorcycling is becoming a past time for the rich.

    That rant wasn't directed at you. Just sticking it to the man, not that they care what motorcyclists think. And don't get me started on eway tolling for motorcycles.
  4. $89 for a green slip? are u fair dinkum? struth. Still I don't care what the cost id rather have 120kws between my legs v 10kws ....

  5. Yeah thats kind of what I'm saying $89 for a greenslip IS good. The fact that I'll probably have to sell my 100 odd kws bike because the greenslip is getting towards $900 is the point behind my rant. $89 good $900 bad.

  6. Oh right. Just realised you were strewthing about how good $89 is and not strewthing that my rant was ridiculous. Ignore last, my bad, no sleep.
  7. Shop around mate, my z1000 green slip was 329$ with gio