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Rego Cost rs 125?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Paulie, Oct 13, 2007.

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  1. Hey all

    Quick tight arse question.....

    I just bought an rs 125 not registered. I just had it blue slipped and got a greenslip quote for $179. Approx how much will it cost me at the RTA to get it registered?

    (I'm running extremely low on funds)

  2. My 250 was around 95, thats just for a standard rerego tho - there may be additional costs for putting it on after not being registered, apart from the slip.

    www.rta.com.au? :p Give em a ring.
  3. rego for any bike should be 50 bucks plus green and pink slip.
    if you are low on finds you brought the wrong mate
  4. the rego is about $100

    plate fee is about $30 or so

    stamp duty is 3% of value so the less you paid for the bike the cheaper the stamp duty ;)

    eg $1000 bike $30 stamp duty
  5. +1... spot on mate,
    don't forget the extra 30 bucks for the plates, unless you have original plates (i think its $20 to re-register that plate again).
  6. havent been able to use the same plate for the last 3-4 years or so
  7. Just a hypothetical: If a vehicle is registered with a plate, but then it runs out of rego (e.g. been out of rego more than 3 months), , and you haven't handed in a notice of disposal... does that mean that plate could be already re-used on another vehicle (lets say someone wanted THAT particular standard plate)?

    To me logically, the plate would remain under that vehicle until a notice of disposal is given...
  8. nope

    there is time frames before a plate can be reissued if it is lost , stolen or not returned
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