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Registry Office Marriages...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by twainharte, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. Registry Office Marriages...

    Anyone on here go this route?



  2. Makes as much sense as anything. Besides my ongoing annoyance that governments recognize marriages (which are really just a function of religion) in the first place, I can never understand why people blow tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars on that shit.
  3. MrsB and I did the registry office thing in the UK. Was good. And cheap.

    Bu then, our whole wedding was very economical. 'Cos we were about to migrate, wedding presents weren't going to be practical so, instead, various family members laid on the back room of the local pub, a cake, a bit of food, a rock and roll band and a weeks rental of a cottage for the honeymoon. Turned out to be a brilliant do at total cost to us of about 30 quid for the marriage licence (figure may be wrong due to ageing memory) and pretty much zero effort to organise. It was all put together over about 6 weeks.

    Damn sight better value than the $36,000 and a year of stress that is apparently the average :D.
  4. Can't say I did but used to work in the Parramatta PJP and they hold ceremonies there in the registry - suppose its nice enough but probably something I would only look at for my second or third wedding :)
  5. Au contraire. Religion should butt out of what is a means of formalising inheritance arrangements :D.
  6. I've always thought that governments should only recognize civil unions (between man and woman, man and man, woman and woman, human and politician, whatever) and stay out of the business of marriage altogether, makes for better politics.
  7. It seems like only yesterday you were all excited about an international visitor, and asking about things to show her. I dunno what you "showed her" in the end, but she was obviously impressed!
    As for the registry deal, I say do it - like Pat says, it was recently reported that the average wedding costs over 30 grand! I reckon it's money that's better spent setting up a life together.
  8. From what I understand marriage is a civil union (or contract) that churches insist on getting involved in.
  9. Haha.

    well, both her and I are not interested in spending a small fortune to impress others.

    I guess for practical reason it will be done here with just Her parents and mine. Some mths later we can have some sort of party with Family/Friends back in Japan.
  10. Can you elaborate on this?

    Too impersonal in an Office setting? More like a production line?

    In all honesty, I don't care about the pomp and circumstance of it all. I just want it to be legal.

    My Bro did just that O/S. Went to the Registry Office with Fiance, witness. Signed and continued on with his day(work, I think).
  11. Guess it depends on the RO and the registrar. MrsB and I got hitched at one that is situated in a nice old building by a registrar who could at least act like she was enjoying herself and wishing us well. Might have been different surrounded by 1960s concrete with a grumpy old sod watching the clock 'til knock-off time.

    Dunno about that. I'm not fanatically pro-marriage or into weddings but I do think it deserves making a bit of an occasion of it, even if it's just something like going on to a restaurant one wouldn't normally be able to afford. Guess it depends on one's reasons for going ahead in the first place.
  12. If you don't care about the pomp etc its probably not a concern - I just found it a bit cold and impersonal (and the office workers smoking just outside which would be your view dont make for the most attractive outlook) - maybe have it as a plan b but if you are getting married in Sydney why not look at the botanical gardens or observatory hill (or any other nice park) - It suits the occassion and even if it rains can just make it that little bit more memorable both for you and your guests.
  13. If you insist on subjecting the person you most love to a property relation, reducing them to a chattel, and having your fornication endorsed by the state, more power to you.

    Seriously though, my little brother got himself hitched at the registry office, and it was probably the most tasteful marriage I've ever witnessed. Just enough formality to make it an occasion. A good idea was that he got the photos out of the way first, just met up in the gardens nearby half an our prior to walking in with close family and one or two closer friends. Best of all, no waiting around for hours on end at the reception hall for the couple in quo to return from some ill fated photo expedition involving mud, high heals, 5 type of picturesque scenery and a lost bridesmaid.

    If you decided to get a celebrant and do it in a park (which can be nice so long as you have a plan B if the weather turns nasty), road test the buggers first. I'm sick of going to weddings presided over by windy, patronising ex-kindergarten teachers. Makes you feel like slashing the seats...
  14. That what the wife & I did, parents & siblings maybe (10-20 people) at the registry office, picnic in the park next door, all very nice, exactly what we wanted & cheap.

    The next weekend we had our engagement party & told everyone then, most people were happy for us. Plying them with booze will generally do that :)

    Obviously this meant keeping things secret between the wedding & the engagement, on the day, we had a picnic & wedding photos taken in the park next to the registry (Collins st), our park which was basically empty when we started, slowly started filling up with people.

    Nothing to strange about that, it was getting toward lunchtime. Then some TV crews rocked up, more people, more people, HEAPS more people, chefs, office workers, fire brigade, at this point I started to think our little ceremony might be becoming a little bigger than we expected...

    Turns out there was a fire in a hotel across the road, one of the major ones, made the nightly news, thankfully we didn't!

    So what was I talking about again? Oh, yes, to me, a wedding is about showing off to your friends, how much money you have, etc, etc, whereas a marriage is about two people.

    So, if you want to do it, it can be as great/big/small/terrible as you like.
  15. All interesting points to consider.

    Though, I have to reiterate that apart from HER and I there will only be 4 other people in attendance. So, as appealing as Observatory Hill may be, that is just not practical.
  16. In that case, find a nice registry office and a nearby really good eatery :D.

    Speaking of celebrants and their foibles, my dad's funeral was presided over by a wonderfully flamboyant old chap, who I suspect was an out of work Shakespearian actor (he'd have made a fantastic Falstaff), with a lions mane of untidy silver hair and a complexion that can only come from liberal applications of distilled spirits and who turned up in a Citroen 2CV that appeared to be both his home and a chicken shed. It were great :D.
  17. Sounds simple enough.

    Hmm, I like Him already.