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Registration Transfer

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nodz, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. Bought my bike second week in January, filled in the registration transferral documentation and paid the fee. Rego is due on 13th March but I haven't received any documentation (renewal notice) from VicRoads.

    First thing - are you supposed to receive any documentation?

    Second thing - what do I do about it?

    Should I just phone VicRoads to find out or just go in and try and pay rego or should I go back to the dealer where I bought it and determine whether they've sent the document?
  2. Give VicRoads a call. They have the info to sort you out.
  3. All sorted... :)
    Bike is registered in my name. Vic Roads confirmed that because purchase date (2nd week in Jan) close to renewal date (2nd week in Mar), documentation not sent out. VicRoads said over 12 weeks between purchase and registration is time in which documentation would normally be sent to new owner.
  4. I didn't seem to have this problem. Bike purchased 8th Feb, rego expiring 27th March, rego renewal arrives 4th March?
  5. Ashes, perhaps I had an operator that was just bullshittng me but she seemed nice and on the level. Main thing is bike registered to me and rego due on 13th Mar.
  6. as long as it does not present a great difficulty,
    this would be my suggestion.

    as long as the rego is it paid,
    it really does not matter who pays.

    the bike is yours,
    and if needed the issue of ownership can be sorted out later.
    you really do not want to be unconvinced in the meantime.
  7. If you pay the rego at a VicRoads office they should be able to print a sticker on the spot.(?) No need to wait for the paperwork in the mail then.
  8. hahaha same thing happened to me when i got my bike only i didnt look at the renewal date i just figured wait for the letter.

    28 days before the 3 month grace period to renew your bike without a rwc was up i got a letter saying pay now. i was riding around for 2 months unregistered :(