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Registration tag on Kawasaki 650r

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by monaro57, Dec 19, 2010.

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  1. Hi guys,

    What options do I have for where to mount the registration tag on Kawasaki 650r. Currently mounted below rear number plate but wanting to relocate somewhere else to make it look tidier. Also not sure if there are specific regulations/requirements for mounting points.

  2. I bought a cheap metal trailer rego holder from autobahn, and used one of the bolts that attach the rear wheel's hugger to the frame on the right side.
    Had to drill out the hole on the holder a little as it was tiny!

    You'll see it in the pic, just excuse the luggage attached as I was test fitting stuff for a trip. :)

  3. Don't they have to be visible from the rear?
  4. The only thing I could get out of both the local police and our service SA center was "visible from 4 metres".

    Guess I'll find out if I get pulled over lol. Might be different in other states too.
  5. Mine's under the seat on the storm - no probs with the plod after explaining how many I have lost over the years...
  6. Hmm...actually, now that I think about it, my CB400's one is on the side and I haven't touched it.

    Makes me wonder why the hell I'm hanging mine off the plate on the SR. It pisses me off and I keep bending it when I throw a leg over the bike.
  7. For Victoria

    Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 2009
    r53. Where registration label to be affixed on vehicle A registration label for a vehicle must be affixed as follows—

    (c) in the case of a motor cycle, in a suitable holder—

    (i) to the left side of the motor cycle so that the front of the label faces outwards from the motor cycle; or
    (ii) to the handlebar on the left side of the motor cycle so that the front of the label faces the front of the motor cycle; or
    (iii) to the centre of the front of the motor cycle in a position as near as
    practicable to the top of the steering head so that the front of the label faces towards the front of the motor cycle; or
    (iv) on or adjacent to the motor cycle's number plate in a way that the
    characters on the number plate are not obscured;
  8. /offtopic - what luggage sytem is that, looks great
  9. Hah... okay, off-topic post ahead!

    It's actually a mix of two different soft luggage sets on the back.

    Tail bags are a Kriega US40 Tailpack (1x20L + a 10L clipped on either side). Love these bags, very modular plus waterproof without needing a rain cover. Main bag attaches via under-seat straps and clips, side bags clip onto main when needed.
    Kriega US40

    Saddlebags are OGIO Stealth (approx 30L when expanded). They require a rain cover to be waterproof, which is attached in it's own side pocket. 2x Velcro straps over seat plus 2 clip on straps to wherever you find a good mounting point.
    OGIO Saddlebags

    I also have the tail bag from the OGIO set, which I've rigged a setup to attach to a luggage rack I just got today (SW-Motech Alu-rack: SW-Motech). Wasn't interested in the Ventura rack as I wanted to keep my passenger grab bars, plus if I decide I want a Givi box later on I can just get a simple adaptor plate for this rack.

    Tank bag is a small 7L Ventura SPA tank bag with suction cups instead of magnets. 4 Suction caps to the tank, plus a strap with clip that can loop around the neck of the main bike frame if you really want to be sure. Water resistant (won't say waterproof as I haven't given it the old hose test yet)! :p
    Don't have an official link for this one, just Kenmas shop page: Kenma tank bags.

    If I decide I want a larger tank bag for travelling I'll probably go the Bagster tank cover + clip on bag option. The 7L fits my camera stuff and phone nicely so it makes for a beaut day-tripper.

    Worked out this setup so I can also pack things like badminton racquets, my mini swag etc in different configurations quickly with no tools.
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