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QLD Registration Sticker

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by yellowroller, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. Here's a question:

    Someone we know has just put the "new" registration sticker on their bike. They renewed the rego and received the sticker in July 2005. Should they, and everyone, be more responsible by keeping the current rego sticker on their bike? Or is lawlessness a par-for-course for motorcyclists?
  2. I don't remember anything about enduring public shaming in my vows...mutter mutter :(
  3. That is just inexcusable tardiness!

    **scurries outside with dark blue sticker**
  4. :wink:

    Does that constitute an admission of "guilt"?

    ......I have to cook dinner <wipes sweat from fevered 'wifely' bow>
  5. I got pulled over the other day and Mr Plod asked here my rego was, I said it fell off a couple of months ago and I hadnt replaced it. He smiled and said doesnt matter he can check if its up to date on the computer.
    Still booked me for speeding but no probs with lack of rego. Fairly nice cop.

    As to being outside the law, of course we are :twisted: :twisted:
  6. so far kept mine under the seat... if i'm asked, i can show it
  7. Yeah same here, no dramas yet.
  8. As they can check them so easily now, do we really need em ?
  9. i was driving my mum's falcon... it had an old rego sticker... they asked about it, and i said "it was paid i know for sure..."
    they checked, and that was fine...

    wasn't displaying p's... lost 3 points and $100+ fine... stupid booze buses and my ridiculously young looks

    but i think not having a rego sticker pretty much ends up in you spending more time stopped with a white car high-beaming you and flashing it's lights to attract attention to you
  10. yeah mine dissapeared on my first freeway ride, back in may or june... I figure why not wait till I get the new one in the mail in april.
    Have never been asked about it, but if I am I tell a (stretch of) the truth "Oh really? It was there when I left!"
  11. Have always placed the sticker straight away more out of reducing hassles at random rego checks(had this checked at an RBT as well) and prevents me from ever misplacing it. If they see an up to date sticker, then they are less likely to want to see the actual rego papers. To get the rego papers out of the seat, with a rack on the back, would mean a 5 minute extravaganza of dismantling and re-assembling the rack to get the seat up. When if I had a current sticker I would have been on my way within a minute.
  12. In NSW the label must be 'adjacent' to the number plate, and current. You can be charged with 'failure to display current rego label' even if your bike is registered.

    Given motorcyclists are pulled over all the time for no reason (oh, sorry, for 'random breath tests') you'd be nuts to incite them with an obviously-old rego label.
  13. Did you know that until very recently fines were only for errant driving? So speeding or bad lane change attracted points, but muddy numberplate, no P's or not paying toll didn't.
  14. I got pulled over for this when i first started riding, i had bought my bike off a mate who had moved interstate and left it in my factory till he got settled in.

    I told the officer that my mate had still not sent me down the sticker and transfered the papers, and they were all cool about it.

    He did tell me to try to encourage my mate to hurry it along though, as it can lead to a 52 buck fine for not having it displayed.

    Think it just depends on how you approach the officers when you get asked about it. If you start raving on like a rev head and start to argue with them, of course your going to cop it, :)lol:) but otherwise keep cool about it and its usually all good.

    I got pulled over again a few weeks back cause my tail light was not working, the copper offered me a screw driver to change it over while he was there, nice chap.
  15. Mine fell off the second day I got the bike, along with the number plate :(

    new ones all on, and the rego sticker holder is held on with nylock nuts :)