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VIC Registration renewal fee - Same as car?!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by dima, Dec 6, 2012.

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    I've just received registration renewal bill from VicRoads for the car my wife drives - $696.50

    First thought - WTF seven hundred bucks???
    (Seems to be higher than last year but I don't remember exactly)

    So I tried to find what the renewal for motorcycle would be and it looks like it would be the same.

    I hope I'm wrong here.

    But it feels like the VicRoads is ripping us off.

    Interesting to see the breakdown:

    - $232.3 - registration fee (what a hell - I'm not "registering" anything, the cost of label??)
    - $422 - TAC charge (what exactly is TAC charging us for??)
    - $42.2 - insurance duty (ohh, it turns out all drivers/riders are insured. Against what??)

    I'm kind of ranting, but really, it all goes out of control.

    Nod me or not, but have a say here.
    Just, curious if that's something wrong with me or my rant has a bit of sense.
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  2. Amen sister.

    I myself was left questioning my motivations when the rego for the '09 Ninja 250R came in at $411.96!!!!
    If I keep registering this bike for the next 10 years, I could have bought a new bike!
  3. yeah got my renewal for my second bike tonight that im currently selling, the reog has jumped up massively ($602 for a bike, WTF??) Needless to say i wont be paying it or selling it with rego now. thats ridiculous.
    Atleast i know what im install for when the rego comes for my main ride.
    We may as well only have 3rd party fire and theft on our Bikes as supposedly Vic Roads will cover you in an accident (after you lawyer up first that is).
  4. The TAC charge is your (mandatory) personal injury insurance premium. You don't think the TAC pays for Ambulances and emergency surgery out of the kindness of their hearts do you? The duty I'm guessing is a government tax on that premium, so no different to the GST (or any of the other times the Government charges a tax/duty on money being paid to them). Thing that really sucks is having to pay multiple TAC premiums, even though you can only use the one vehicle at a time. I've always thought it would have made a lot more sense to tie it to your licence instead - that way unlicenced/disqualified drivers don't get free medical care just because their vehicle was registered (and it would encourage people to buy a cheap, economical 2nd car or scooter).

    Registration fee is a weird one since it varies depending on where you live, and engine capacity. So seems to be some sort of discouragement against buying a large bike or owning a vehicle if you live in the city - though the cost is far too small for it to have any effect. Does certainly make a difference in other countries though, where they have much larger "penalties" for large vehicles and/or city ownership. If it really bothers you buy an electric bike, they're exempt from registration fess (but not the TAC premium).
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  5. I haven't heard that the surgery cost was paid by TAC after a crash on a bike. Anyone?
    Also if TAC covers the Ambulance ride, why would anybody get an ambulance cover (at least for the road)?
    There must be a catch... I also doubt most of people even know about this insurance (thus never use).
  6. All "reasonable" medical costs relating to a crash are covered by TAC. So this most certainly covers Ambulance costs, surgery and even follow up medical visits, rehab, etc. I know I've had bills for several thousands of dollars worth of medical costs that were entirely covered by the TAC.

    So $422 a year isn't bad value for money all things considered. Though the same mandatory cover, but offered by private companies, in QLD is a lot cheaper.
  7. There is no competition with the way this is done in Vic.
    The TAC part is done by the CTP in NSW. If I do an online quote for a CTP in NSW I can get a difference of $100 between providers.
  8. It is. All recovery related costs are paid by TAC if the patient is admitted to hospital overnight.

    Because you can't choose an 'I only want an ambulance if I'm injured in a road accident' policy

    Wrong again. Everyone DOES know because when they have a road accident and are ADMITTED to hospital overnight they are covered. Someone on The hospital staff will always inform the patient or loved ones of their right to TAC coverage.
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  9. registration fee on my car $232.00 TAC premium $320.00 insurance duty $32.00

    registration fee on my bike $46.00 TAC premium $450.00 insurance duty $45.00

    anyone have full private heath insurance ? what about income protection insurance .

    But that's a hole other can of worms . don't get me started on what they do with the money my head will explode
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    sorry guys im getting ''unspecified error but all posts going on thread
  11. In this situation private health insurance and income protection insurance is a waste of time and money. TAC covers the lot. I was off work for 18 months. I got full rehabilitation, two operations (the second in a private hospital with the best surgeon and at my request ) all expenses covered (eg taxi fares to physio) and 80% of my earnings paid until I was fit to work again.

    The TAC scheme itself is world class. We are extremely lucky in Victoria to have this and having gone through this myself, can honestly say that I'm happy to pay the fee for it. The other things they spend the money on I'm not, but this? Yes.
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  12. Hang on guys, if what you are saying would seem to indicate the Government is ripping us off.

    Come on. Surely the Government would never do that. After all they are there to help us.
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  14. Yeah that's a good point, mainstage. Jd's suggestion of linking it to a license instead of vehicle makes more sense.
  15. The TAC could easily reduce premiums by at least 20%.
  16. Yes it does make sense and is quite logical to tie the CTP to ones license, however that just means TAC doesn't get enough money and thus will never happen.
    Also some people have private health insurance or ambulance cover for other reasons other than use for a vehicle accident. If you are at home, chop your arm off while juggling 2 chainsaws under the influence, I'm sure at the cost of $80/year an ambulance cover it is worth paying for. Also if you do track days, crash and require ambulance, TAC doesn't cover it unfortunately.
    Bit off topic....I have private health and income protection...in an event of a crash and require to be off work for say half a year...would both TAC and my income protection kick in? Assuming they pay 80% of my salary, I'd get a nice 60% pay rise. Is there a law against that? What about life insurance? Your super usually has life insurance and if you have a separate life insurance would that double up...say in the case of permanent disability? Death would be iffy since you can't fight for it and I'm sure your family isn't going to argue while mourning your death.
  17. Thanks a lot everyone.

    From what I hear it doesn't sound bad. At least I know what we to pay for.

    I can probably find all the terms and conditions of the TAC cover online, but just curious.

    If someone crashes and breaks a collarbone for example, should medical personnel offer the TAC cover in emergency?

    The reason I'm asking is because I broke bone twice. Was just sent home from EM. Later I discovered from the friends (who work in hospitals) and Internet that the surgery was necessary.
  18. Quoted for truth .first time I've seen this any idea what's going on ?
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    The problem with linking it to your licence is that CTP ( which is what the TAC fee is for) covers anyone injured in/on that vehicle when involved in an accident up to the maximum number allowed to legally travel in the vehicle. So if a family of four traveling in a sedan is hurt in an accident, not only do mum and dad ( who I am going to assume hboth have drivers licences) get cover, so do the two unlicenced kids in the back seat. Under your idea of linking it to the licence, only mum and dad would have their treatment covered, while the poor kids would be shit out of luck simply because they are too young to have a drivers licence! There are other ways that money could be saved if the system were flexible though, such as being able to insure yourself and your family for CTP and then paying just one registration fee per licence holder in the family. After all its not like you can operate more than one at a time ( per licence holder) so why should a single bloke, or a couple who own a car, a work ute and two bikes pay 4 times!
  20. And yet my 2-seater car used to cost as much to register as a 12-seater minibus. So there's clearly no allowance for number of passengers in the current system. CTP on rego may cover all occupants of a vehicle, but there's no reason a CTP on the licence of the person driving that vehicle couldn't do the same thing.
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