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Registration of my rs500

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Steamfrog, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. Hello I am having my once registered but not any more (6months lapse) rs 250 converted into an rs 500 by the great guys at the two stroke shop. My question is how hard is this thing going to be to get registered in NSW?

    What do I need to get this on the road? Does it really need an engineers certificate? All the bike is stock bar the cradle, engine and pipes, nothing totally custom except the pipes are hand made, rest is bought, no chops or suspension changes.
  2. Yes. Although there are variations between states, as a rule an engine swap that results in more than a 25% increase in either power or cubic capacity requires an engineer's sign off. Given that the rest of the bike is standard, you should be OK, although I would expect close attention to be paid to ensuring that the brakes are adequate for the increase in performance (should be on an RS) and that the noise level of the pipes doesn't strip paint at 50 paces.

    Contact the RTA and they should be able to give you the most accurate and up to date information, although maybe not the first time you ask.
  3. you'd need to be not quite right in the head
  4. some people like to go bungee jumping... and that's ok.

    some people, take Steamfrog for example.. they like to go bungee jumping, and then fire up a jet pack about 2 thirds of the way down.
    these people are a little bit special
  5. NSW is 15% engine capacity increase, I looked at putting a bigger motor on the Madass and it was too much hassle to go big. Ended up selling it as CBF for very little.

    Obviously the RS500 is bigger than that.

    Post some pics please, how much was the changeover?
  6. Bike is with the TSS guys now being done, I bought a banshee engine from USA but not using it for this build, so I'm building that one myself, dam hard finding rz bottom ends complete I must say, but finally found one.

    Might just get the engineering certificate, saves the hassle and good for insurance.

    Hey what's wrong with jet packing while bungee jumping?

    2 strokes for different folks. I love 2 strokes always have I owned an rz350 back in 89 and since then have been addicted. I have a full workshop in my garage set up for 2 strokes. Right now I own 4 of them.

    P's. I'll have a vj22 complete minus the carbies engine bracket and termignoni pipes if anyone is keen.

    I'll ask Steve if he can send some work in progress pics, I do know new cases arrived the same day as my bike.
  7. very ****ing jealous mate, want pics asap!

    tss lists prices on its website, if i recall correctly it adds up to around the $22,000 mark from having nothing to having everything, cheaper if you supply parts though?

    these banshee engines aren't road legal though are they? which means a cr500 engine or the like would be road legal if engineered cert'd into a road legal bike (like the rs250 or rgv250? that correct?
  8. Nice work getting the 500 two stroke engine, that sound amazing! Please put some pics up.
  9. :rofl: :rofl:
  10. Thanks MT1 - I think your kind of special too. Not sure if cr 500 would pass. It (banshee) needs complete new gears from rz 250 / 350 - hard to find. Asked Steve for some build pics as he has does it so will post as I get them. I bought a complete running engine from US for this build but was advised that putting 110hp through a 2nd hand case was not the best thing so I got some brand new ones instead. Everything will be new in this bar the bottom end from an RZ. Billit clutch with HD springs, Billit side covers on order, not sure if I can run 2 into one carbies if so I will. Nice thing about this engine is parts are so cheap compared to the Aprilia parts I have been trying to source. I am building this because I can.
  11. Once again, in Australia there is no such thing as a "road-legal" or "non-road-legal" motorcycle engine.

    Because Australia has no emissions regs for motorcycles (yet) beyond noise and the 10-Second Rule for visible smoke (which a well set up stroker on high quality oil should pass), there is no absolute legal impediment to putting any engine you want into a motorcycle as long as you jump through the necessary engineering hoops.

    You could, but why would you bother, given that an RGV can easily give as much power as the CR, with quite a bit less vibration? Torque is another matter, but if you wanted bottom end grunt, might I suggest that whacky two-strokes probably aren't where you should be looking :D.
  12. i want a 2-stroke 500 for road legal fun. surely the 500cc cr engine would be good for that?

    whilst i would love a rg/rd/rz 500 or as the guys doing, getting a banshee engine... but thats a bit out of my price range... in saying that i haven't priced a banshee engine, i'm just guessing its going to be more complicated than buying a second hand cr500/yz490 engine.

    whilst looking at banshee engines, i couldn't help but notice another tss project...

    yes... its insane, and yes, i would murder all of you to own one.
    a 1100cc two-stroke triple.... /drools

  13. If I had the money id build one looking.for ward to the end
  14. the whole CR500 would be good for road legal 2-stroke fun. One day I reckon i'll get around to doing it if I have enough money, it'll be 17 in wheels, sticky rubber, registration, a service and off I go.
  15. @ shady.. I got a strong running motor from the us shipped here for 1700. So not that expensive.
  16. $1700? thats not bad at all! twin yer?
  17. Given the utterly ludicrous prices being asked for anything dirt bike related, at least over here in WA, I'm still not convinced you'd be gaining anything.

    Good luck getting rego on anything without a Compliance Plate. You might find you have to move to the UK/Europe/USA to do this, where they take a more sensible view of such things.
  18. Pics!!! I would love to see/hear one of these in person, you going Old Road any time soon??? Should turn a few heads for damn sure.
  19. you need a compliance plate for an engine? :S
    the cr500e is a roadworthy 500cc 2 stroke? expensive.. but yes.

    as for what i'm talking about, its taking an aprillia rs250 and puting a cr500 engine in it, thats it... as the aprilia is complianced, should be all good with engineers cert afaik. makes it sound easier than it will be im guessing...
  20. I was under the impression that all CR500s were motocrossers and therefore uncomplianced. As Kernel was talking about using one as the basis for a road licensed motard, the issue of compliance was relevant. If there is such a thing as a complianced CR500 that's a different matter.

    Correct. As I alluded to earlier, there is no absolute limitation (yet) on what engine you can put in a bike here as long as you can adequately silence it an prevent it from making visible smoke for more than 10 seconds at a time.

    I'm just sceptical that the time and money spent on stuffing a CR lump into an Aprilia wouldn't be better spent on getting an RZ500 and making it work properly.