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Registration/gear/general info for a noob :woot:

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by manda_the_noob, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. I appologise profusely if this thread has already been started but I had a look and couldnt find anything so I'm posting

    I've been doing my QRIDE courses for the last fortnight after deciding to make the step up from 50cc scooter to a real bike :moped: (had one-on-one tutorial, Sunday Session, road craft then onto exam) with Top-gear Nerang and they are SUPER :). Im having my exam on Wednesday and fingers-crossed all goes well and I pass. :grin:

    So far am LOVING the idea of the Ninja's (looks like a sports, sits more upright), 250cc to start off with of course (on orders of the boyfriend) and have been keeping an eye out for something in my price range (after selling scooter and car....we'll see how much i've got!).

    My questions (I know it took long to get here...I'm excited ok!) are:

    1) Single seat registration??
    I can't take a pillion passenger for 12months (and i dont want to) but how do I make it a single seater (using the Ninja as an example). On my scooter they just took the grab bar off and called it 'single seat'. Anyone know? Is it easy?? Its the difference between $83/yr and $228/yr CTP!!!

    2) Gear?? - Recommendations when looking for boots/gloves.
    I've upgraded all my gear even though its only 12 months old (KBC Gunslinger + blue iridium visor (they said it was better than wearing my sunnies, so im giving it a go), dri-rider dri-mesh climate control jacket - Kudos Dri-rider for having ladies jackets! and Draggin jeans) but I'm yet to find a good pair of gloves that feel comfy (other than my ones from kmart - i know SHAME SHAME!!! lolololololol) and a pair of boots/shoes for a reasonable price. The $100 'shoes' suit my budget but really would want something offering a little more protection, but then the boots jump to ~$300!

    3) Cornering......different methods/ideas
    I've had differing opinions between they way i've been 'taught', what ive been doing on the scooter, and what other people have been teaching at other courses (i.e. boyfreind did a braking and cornering course) about the 'cornering line'. Do you start in the right and finish on the right? therefore not crossing the centre 'oil slick' of your lane, or do you pick the best line for the corner no matter if it means crossing the 'oil slick' and therefore crossing at the apex (is that even what I mean....i dont know!!)

    If anyone answers THANKS! and if anyone's got tips or something then my eyes and easrs r open!!! :) Hopefully i'll be posting here and lot in future as I progress and maybe get to go on some group rides :woot: :woot:
  2. Hope that helps.