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Registration changing address

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mattb, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. Anybody know what proof Vic Roads requires if you want to change rego address, ie if you rent in a expensive inner-city area, regarding rego, but your parents live in a Victorian country town where rego is much cheaper, but all your identifying documents (incl license) list you as in the city?

  2. You can actually just change your details online (in case you didn't already know) here without having to prove anything. However given that you can supply residential as well as postal and garaged addresses there aren't really any loopholes I'm afraid (especially since it's linked to your drivers licence). Falsifying your details could make things difficult if you're involved in an accident (insurance might not pay out for example).
  3. I've been doing this for the last 20 years with no problem, until last month when the cops finally caught me out at a random RW check. I answered the question before I thought, and they twigged. Didn't really matter to them, though. Just said go and change it next week (you've got 14 days legally to change address usually, but he wasn't bothered about that and let it go).
    Now I've got to pay full fare :evil:
  4. Surely this would be an almost certainty if you had an accident. If they found out you had falsified your details to pay a lower premium, given the clear-cut disclosure agreement you have to sign or agree to, I reckon you'd be gone for all money.
  5. Hmm, I never bothered checking that rego is cheaper from living in various areas? How can I check (or find out roughly) what the cost difference is for various areas?

    I live in inner city and my parents live in literally middle of nowhere. hehe
  6. Insurance DEFINITELY is. I just moved from Adelaide to inner-city Sydney. Man, did my premiums jump.
  7. I don't think that these facilities are made available to the public.

    The difference in my car rego between regional Vic and Melbourne was about $100, but I don't think that bike rego would differ that much in Victoria based on where you live.
  8. https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=12089 :)
    Rego's always the same, it's the TAC premium that varies dependant on the risk rating of your postcode.
  9. You've got to be careful cos if you try to claim your bike being stolen from your city address and you've been claiming it's garaged in the bush the insurance company will deny the claim due to failing your duty of disclosure, after all one of the things in the fine print usually says that you agree that the info given is TRUE & ACCURATE.
  10. Both my Bro's live in Sydney and have there rego/licences addressed at our property up in Orange ( if I still lived up there so would I )

    And they have made insurance claims with no problems :)
    there is no clause in the world that says you CANT vist friends/relo's, o/night or for even a short stay, and if everyone says .. "yeah they been here for a few weeks visting" or whatever you want to tell em.
    Yeah your teling little white lies to the ins company, but if they want to chase it up, all there going to find is..... yeah you live ( in my bro's case ) in Orange
    and you where just unlucky enough to have your car/bike stolen whilst in Syd.
  11. Unless they chase it up further and find that you're paying rent, gas, electricity etc. on a place in Sydney (and are registered on the electoral role in Sydney) yet claiming to live in Orange. For the sake of saving a few hundred bucks a year you are risking not being able to claim on insurance - and in the most extreme case, being busted for insurance fraud (in which case you'll never get insurance again). Also having the wrong address on your licence can get you arrested (supplying false details to Police).
  12. Sorry wrong on all accounts They both have made claims , and they both have utility bills and morgages from both a from area's and there licences are addressd as Orange!

    there is also no law saying you cant have a house in for eg: sydney and in orange ( in this case ) and alternate living between the two but have the country address as your main perminate address.

    oh and the insurance company did quiery the address the 1st time, but as there is no law in aust about owning more than one house in one area, there was no arguement and each claim has been paid out without a problem.

    and there is a few more 'perks' than just saving a few hundered on insurance, add country rego etc etc and over two cars each and a few m/bikes, boat etc etc etc it saves thousands a year

    it comes down to knowing how the system really works and using to your advantage. Why do you see 99% of semi 'trailers' ( not the prime mover ) rego'd in QLD or SA ? bc its cheaper and all they need is a PObox and a transport agent to use as a home address .

  13. True but if you live in the city full time and are only listing a rural property belonging to relatives as a residence in an attempt to get cheap rego/insurance then you are comitting fraud. Whether or not you get caught is a separate issue. Incidentally if they're registered on the electoral role in one area but have a separate address on their licence/rego then they're also breaking the law (since electoral role details give your "main" place of residence).
  14. The concept which operates here is 'principal place of residence'

    I live south of the Windang Bridge in the Wollongong area. For registration and insurance purposes, it is classed as country, whereas just 100 metres away, north of the bridge, city rates apply.

    In NSW you have 28 days to change your rego to that of your principal place of residence, otherwise you are in breach of the law. There are some exceptions, like serving military personnel, but for the rest of us that's what's applied.
  15. well i give up , all you back seat lawyers seem to know a whole lot more than
    than the people that work at the relevent authoritys who make these desisions.

    I refuse to go into this anymore,there is loopholes in the system to those who choose to live in the GREY area instead of living in the right / wrong or black /white world , that big grey area is so much more fun and rewarding
  16. Been doing it for yrs as well.. Vicroads still have no idea where I live
  17. Bro.. Private Investigators will question your neighbours or anyone who
    lives in the street.. people U have nothing to do wif :LOL:

    Lotta things they do to catch U out. I just gave one example. they not
    stupid man. :LOL:

    Even so, they'd be an arse to knock back a claim for that reason.
  18. It's not a "grey area" - you can have as many houses as you want but you can still only have one main residential address. This is the address that legally you must have on your licence and rego. Trucks get around it by being owned by a business based in another state - some wealthy individuals may also use this loophole. But deliberately misleading the insurance companies by supplying a false address is fraud. Do it if you want just don't go encouraging others to do the same by saying it's perfectly legal and they'll never get caught.