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Registering with no history

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mattb, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. A Theoretical question, the answer to which might serve me well in future, or serve as a warning to others:

    A month back when I took my bike into Vic Roads for registration, a bike bought with money begged borrowed and sweated over, they couldn't find a history for it on the national registry. They speculated that it had been made out of various bikes. I asked them, "What happens next", to which the reply was a disheartening, "Nothing".

    As it turned out, the bike did have a history, in the Northern Territory, which became clear after we phoned the seller, and faxed the NT, and waited for a nervous hour. Does anybody know what would have happened if it they had not been able to find the history (their curt resoponse gave me no indication)? I'd like to know for future reference.

    This is a good reminder to check the numbers before buying.

  2. I can only speak from experience with registering cars but i would have thought that if all numbers(VIN, eng) then there shouldnt be any problems. If it was registered as is with the previous owner then it shouldnt matter what history it has because it has been registered after rebuild/completion. If by no history you mean no record of it being registered then i guess you would have to get it complianced or some sort of engineers cert.
  3. speak to vtrbob, he can tell you exactly the hassles and heartaches it takes to get a bike with no history registered (i dont think he managed it in the end either)
  4. Oh yeah, ( thanks for reminding me Slugers ) :LOL: :p

    I bought a CBR1000 as a project, and after alot of internal work to the motor/suspension etc I got a RWC and headed of to VicRoads with a grin that soon disapered , SORRY SIR THAT BIKE DONT EXIST !!
    Well after some mucking around and some investagative work by both myself AND the guys out at MPE.
    We found that the bike was only in AU for two weeks and was then shipped straight across to NZ. So it was never complianced for AU and the NZ compliancing is very different to ours. I had letters from both the police AND honda to prove it wasn't stolen and the numbers matched to a bike that was imported then exported to NZ..... still not good enough for the RTA!!

    So to cut to the chase, it was going to cost me alot of $$ to have the engineers out at MPE , fully certifiy the bike ( To todays STD's ) it was a 91 mod. Then register it on thier system and make the bike exist.
    THEN take it back to the RTA with a new RWC AND the ENGINEERS Cert
    and then it was still only a huge MAYBE that I could get it registered.

    So as much as I loved that bike and it was damn quick ( anyone from NR of two years ago can tell you how quick and noisy she was all tricked up with a Three inch custom exhaust :twisted: on that infamous 1st Halls Gap run hehehehe , even two up ! ) ** vic roads would give me a 28day permit, but wouldn't rego it **

    She went in the too hard basket and was turned into a full track bike by the guy that bought it off me ( he had friends in the RTA and was sure he could bypass the system NOT :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Moral of the story is ......... do a full check 1st or you may get stuck with an expensive boat anchor ( or track bike )