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QLD Registering multiple bikes

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Tomkah, Jan 10, 2016.

  1. Hi all,

    quick question: is there a cheap way to register multiple bikes? I am the proud owner of 7 bikes with only one currently registered. Not all of them are in a roadworthy condition but 3 or 4 of them I wouldn't mind taking for a ride every once in a while.

    Is there are way to register a bike for a weekend or so or any other way to run them legally without paying a year rego/ctp/rwc?


  2. Ask the rego people if they don't mind would it be ok to register one bike and swap the plate between them all.
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  3. Just make sure they are the same brand and colour.....who would know without looking at the engine/frame numbers....

    Getting real just for a moment...does Qld have a system for hystericals like in Vic where you can club register 25 year old or older vehicles and have limited use per year for much cheaper rego/TPI
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  5. No multiple bike registration options with any Aus registry as far as I know (haven't been involved with the industry in Oz for 15 years or so)...unless you register for a dealer/ trade plate .... $650 a year from memory. Solo reg is cheap after the first year (stamp duty knocks it around) dependent on grunt. It's do-able online now as well. (No inspection needed)
    You can get a special permit/plate to ride the vehicle home after a sale if it's not reg. $30 a day? Check with the QT site.
    A club plate would be the go, nominate the bike/ bikes if they're over 25 years old. They're tightening down on these in NSW as far as I know - quotas etc.
  6. I wish Steve37's suggestion would be a possibility, that would be perfect, but probably no such luck. Not to mention the additional bike sales it would generate.

    Would be great if Qld had a similar setup as Vic, I believe in Vic you have to have a log book and are allowed 50something days a year? Most of my bikes would qualify as 25y+ but I think here in Qld you can only get a historical rego through a club and then it's only good for when the club goes on a special pre announced ride. So just taking it out on a Sunday morning is a no go...unless the whole club comes along. Or maybe if I open up a club...Let's call it the "24/7/365 always having a pre announced ride to anywhere" club.

    If I go through the whole process of registration, would I get "unused time" refunded? Say I register one bike for 3 months, then another for 3 etc. That way I would have to get RWC's all the time, but maybe that's the only way to get them on the road every once in a while.
  7. Unregistered vehicle permits,(pros and cons involved)
  8. Go single seat registration. It is about $50 more than vintage club rego but you can ride it anytime. I have 2 bikes single seated. It's easy now as it is self-assessment.
  9. So what are these QUOTAS of which you speak re Historic rego in NSW
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    I stand corrected, thank you cjvfr .... made similar boo boo with the senior cards last year, eligible age in NSW 60 ... QLD 65
    by the time we all become eligible for anything we'll either be dead or there won't be anything left in the coffers :spitoutdummy:
    the former of which we're adamant all govs prefer.
    go figure.
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  11. Ha Ozbiker1 what are these Quotas in the NSW Historic Rego, I have 3 bikes like this and dont know of any changes.

    A club plate would be the go, nominate the bike/ bikes if they're over 25 years old. They're tightening down on these in NSW as far as I know - quotas etc.
  12. hi, do all states offer cheap rego for single seat, didn,t know there was a system like this in place, cheers
  13. As far as I know this is a Queensland only option.
  14. Yes Queensland only, and they used to be very serious about disabling any way of carrying a pillion.
  15. At this stage it is Qld only ... but there is some grumbling happening from people in other states to push for this. Write to your state rider group about it. The more it gets a mention the more something is likely to get moving now that helmet and filtering issues are well on the way to being sorted.
  16. exactly what is syas operators granted a limited amount of rego's per year
    There was a letter sent out to somebody in the southern states apologizing for not granting a club member a plate. Table conversation (non drunken:) at the San Remo Pub. end of Feb, last year. (hey, only a month or so to go!) Reason provided was all allocated for the year & denied a request for more plates. From memory it was the Vic. historic racing register or similar (don't quote me)? We do remember a conversation with WIMA & FAM members (some time ago) on the same topic, same problem. Perhaps there's a clubbie secretary/ preso in here that will shed more light.
  17. Interesting,first I have heard. Wouldn't surprise me as so many are becoming eligible. I will ask the grand poobar