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registering an interstate vehicle in Victoria

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by bugeater, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. I was wondering if anyone has experienced this process. What is involved with transfering a bike registration to Victoria? (from WA).

    This website


    says the bike may need an inspection but might not. What does an inspection entail? Also will I need to get a roadworthyness certificate for it? It seems like I may not need to, but I'm not sure. It's just the bike is getting so old it almost doesn't seem worth spending money on it (and I have none at the moment). It also has a damaged fairing where a DH reversed into it (and hasn't payed up- it's a bit difficult to chase them when you are on the other side of the country). Plus a big hole in the seat.

    It's a 93 Suzuki Across, with about 135,000 km on the clock.

    If it's just a form shuffling process, then I might transfer it, but if I need to do more than that it might get more expensive than I can afford.

  2. You always need a RWC for a vehicle registration/transfer, except where it is being passed between immediate family members.

    An inspection involves makign an appt to take it to a VicRoads office so that they can personally check the VIN and engine numbers. If it's an older evhicle, they generally do a quick validation that the RWC you supply is accurate (ie. no major items on the bike not OK, but the RWC says they are). This costs about $40.
  3. Well the VicRoads site says this:

    "If the vehicle is to be registered in the same name (or spouse name) the vehicle was registered interstate the following requirements need to be met:

    Where an inspection IS required, you need to:
    make an appointment for a vehicle inspection
    provide proof of identity (see below) and Victorian residency
    provide proof of ownership (eg. registration certificate)
    A roadworthy certificate is not required
    Motor vehicle duty is not payable

    Where an inspection is NOT required, you need to:
    provide proof of identity (see below) and Victorian residency
    provide proof of ownership of the vehicle (eg. registration certificate)
    A roadworthy certificate is not required
    Motor vehicle duty is not payable"

    That's were the confusion lies. I'm wondering what the conditions for needing an inspection are and if an inspection can lead to the need for a RWC.

    If you are transfering interstate and to a new person, then you need a RWC.
  4. Last time i called em when i thought i was moving back to viccie they told me i didnt need a roadworth if staying in my name and that the inspection was mainly to check id numbers but also have a quick squiz for any obvious faults. prob best give em a call.
  5. I've given VicRoads a call and it sounds like the only time you need an inspection is if there is some problem with the VIN and engine numbers compared with some national vehicle database. Otherwise it is a relatively simple process and doesn't require an inspection. The inspections are just to check these numbers and the compliance plate. I was told it can't lead to you needing a RWC. Of course this is just from the guy on the phone, so it might not be completely accurate. Doesn't sound as bad as I thought though. It sounds like the only time you need a RWC is if the ownership has changed.

    Anyway I guess I'm going to have to see how it goes....

    I'm changing my drivers licence on Friday. Hope they upgrade my restricted licence (never got around to doing the second licence :roll: ). By Victorian standards I've got enough experience for the unrestricted licence (riden almost every day for 13 years).
  6. Sort of on this topic without starting a new thread-

    Can I buy a NEW bike interstate and have it registered where I live? Can the dealers do an interstate registration or do I get it here and then take it to vic roads to get it reg'd?
  7. I know if you live close to a border dealerships can usually register both sides but im pretty sure a sydney dealership for example will only sell you the vehicle unreg then you have to sort it out yourself in viccie.
  8. I'm staying out of this this time, Mik :LOL:
  9. :? Is that in reference to our L's rules between states argument? :LOL:

    I was 100% sure on that one but this im not... ive always found the best deals on cars and bikes to be in melbs so i dont even waste my time looking in non viccie dealerships...