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Registering an ex-race Mv Agusta F4 750cc

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by uzz32, May 14, 2005.

  1. I have been offered at a great price for an ex-race MV Agusta F4 750cc.
    It comes complete with road and race faring.

    The bike has not been registered at all, as it has been used for track / race only.
    All the electrics works and all I need to do is put some road legal tyres.

    My concern is that is it easy to get this bike road registered in NSW?

    Is this worth the hassle?

    Hmm will my wife approve??
  2. As long as it is able to pass a roadworthy you can have it registered.

    I would ensure that everything complied to the ADR's for in-sewer-ants compnay's sake.
  3. The owner states that you just take it to a bike shop, and get a blue and pink slip, then take it to the RTA to get it checked out inspected and then get new plates?

    I've never done this before, sounds too easy.

    The bike is sex on wheels and I've been tosssing and turning with no sleep... What a dilema!
  4. is it a gray import?? check with the RTA?/ see if a bike with that VIN number can be registed?? has it been registed b4?? will you need an engeniers raport??

    Lots of questions to ask the RTA...
  5. Also check the NSW equivalent of the Vehicles Securities Register - in case there's a bank or finance company with an interest in it.
  6. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Are you trying to steal Glens title?
  7. its not a grey import, the owner brought it specifically for track days and never had it registered.
  8. Weee waaaant pics! :D
    MV's are downright sexy bikes. Brutale's gets my blood pumping.
  9. Its called REVS here but i dont think it would be under finance if it is for racing only?

    work a check tho.. its free unless you want a cert.. (then its $15 or something)
  10. Damn the MV has a damaged rear swingarm which I notice this weekend.
  11. Define damaged rear swingarm?

    Be a bit more specific and attach a photo of the damage.
  12. If it's got an aussie compliance plate, then a full street dress MV should be no porbs in getting rego'ed regardless of age.

    MV Agusta parts aren't cheap.
    The bike may be a bargin, but a new swingarm is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.
    Not many at the wreakers either.

    Ex-race bikes have a unique place in motorcycle-dom, for some reason (engine loosened up? etc) they're always the most potent of bikes out on the road, but you play russian roulette with every start-up.

    Like my Ducati, used MV (F4s especally) require some tool-time by the owner, patients & alot of understanding.
    You will get alot out of owning one, but of what? good or bad? is to be seen.....
  13. Well said Marx748.

    The swingarm may not be that bad... need to see pics
  14. He did tell me that there is a bit of work to be done (MAY require new swingarm) before trying to get it registered.

    Front and rear wheels are not parallel and if you examine the front and rear sprokets there is a misalignment of about 15-20mm or so.

    anyway I'm still 50 50 on wheather to get it or give it a pass.
  15. If that is the case, crab crawling, then you not only have a swingarm issue but also issues with the Swingarm to frame mating point. It will also be damaged. THis is known as the linkage point.

    Basically, the bike will be a wright off. Seriously.... So, get someone to look at it, quote a price to repair and then go from there.

  16. Sounds serious.

    Unless you've had some experience in this sort of thing, could be one to avoid.

    As skuffy says, get a professional opinion/ quote before going any further.
  17. Well it really depends on the cost a new swing arm?
    I can possibly get the Mv for about $9k, so it might still be worth investigating on the the cost of a new swing arm.

    Still looks sexy in typical Italian style.
  18. Hmmm.

    MV + cost of new swingarm v $9K in the bank

    It's a no-brainer - buy it!!!

    Let's face it, you can always prop it against the loungeroom wall and just spend hours looking at it... :LOL:
  19. Gromit, I like that idea!!! hahaha.
    worse case break it up and sell it for parts and then get a mint condition MV.


    Well the redbook value is about $13-16k
  20. Ah, before anybody buys a MV Agusta F4:
    Do you know about the thumb locks?

    (full lock, locks your thumbs between the grip & bodywork, bigg issue for some fat figures).